Letters, Thursday, June 5, 2014

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UKIP has helped make history?

AT last some have seen the light and taken the first steps towards consigning the UK’s two and a half party political system to history.

Granted, some need to be dragged kicking and screaming towards radical reform and some still don’t get it at all – but they will eventually.

Naturally, Ukip critics, who comprise most of the establishment and media, resist radical change because they are doing very well thank you, with the revolving door arrangement.

The fact that they don’t get it is demonstrated by their recent hurried proposals to, for instance, “bring forward a referendum on EU membership” or “refrain from putting racist labels on Ukip”.

In other words the established parties feel that they are merely a sound bite or a good photograph away from renewed success, when, in fact, they are on a different planet.

While the so-called big two and a half play musical chairs with the nation’s top jobs, there is a growing sense of injustice among the public, which will not be appeased by mere equality dictats or human rights absurdities. It demands a change.

Whether you think Farage or some other is the answer, surely almost anyone would be better than Milliband, Clegg or Cameron.

Farage has made great strides forward, despite the disdain and vitriol hurled at him.

His immigration control policies have been mislabelled racism and his use of MEP expenses described as fraudulent, despite being the first to highlight the MEP payments fiasco. To say that he is not the friend of the working class when the main plank of his policies is “British jobs for Brits” is simply beyond ignorant.

Doubtless, radical change will not be an instant panacea but it is well overdue, and Ukip seems a good place to start.

Denis Gillon

Thanks for support

AS the Conservative candidate for St Chad’s ward, I would like to thank all the people who voted for me on May 22.

I was pleased at all the expressions of goodwill I received when meeting people across the ward and it was great to meet up with many old friends.

My thanks also go to all those people who helped in my campaign. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the successful candidate, Gillian Galbraith.

Keith O’Brien

Breath of fresh air

I CANNOT understand the negativity surrounding footballer Joey Barton’s appearance on Question Time.

Yes, he made sexist comments that he apologised for, but for me he was a breath of fresh air.

Barton has quite rightly received bad press in the past, but he came over as a real person who spoke his mind rather than some stuffy politician who repeatedly evades the question.

Perhaps the problem was he just said what a lot of people thought and a minority took offence.

I look forward to his next appearance on the show.

Mick ‘the Pen’ Brown