Letters, Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

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Join our fight over pension changes

I’D like to ask your readers’ to help with our campaign to highlight the unfairness of proposals contained in the UK Government’s Pensions Bill.

We support the move to bring women’s state pension age in line with men’s at 65, but we are objecting to the speed of the increase for women to 66 by 2020, six years earlier than was originally planned. As a result, around 330,000 in Britain women will, at very short notice, have to wait an extra 18 months or longer before claiming their state pension.

I and many other women across the UK feel this is unfair and will hurt hard-working women, many of whom have worked for 40 years or more. Many of us have worked in relatively low-paid jobs or part-time because of caring responsibilities and these changes will mean real hardship, especially to those with poor health.

We are asking MPs to ensure the Pensions Bill is amended to ensure that any increase to the state pension age beyond 65 does not start until at least 2020.

Readers can take action by sending a state pension age campaign postcard to their MP, asking them to stick to the Coalition Government’s original timetable. To request copies of the campaign postcard or to find out more about the campaign, visit www.ageuk.org.uk/spa.

Margaret Jones, Middle Close, Harraton, Washington

Coalition bashing

COLIN Wasey (Letters, June 18), says he’s not a Coalition basher, yet he comes across as precisely that.

David Cameron’s background apparently makes him oblivious to the hardships of the working class. Wouldn’t that also apply to the likes of Blair, Brown and all the other multi-millionaire Labour politicians, who claim to be “socialists” but have never had a proper job or gone without?

As to the matter of how many children one has, given that England is the most overcrowded country in Europe, isn’t Mr Cameron stating the obvious? All the green and socially friendly policies in the world will not offset our spiralling population.

The biggest threat to the planet is man’s carbon footprint. The more people, the greater damage done. Yet Labour actively encouraged mass immigration regardless of the cost to future generations.

The Coalition will no doubt make mistakes, but after 13 years of Labour trying to destroy all that was great about this country, they at least deserve a chance to put things right.

M. Brown, Hendon Road, Sunderland

Unfair attack

I HAVE never felt the need to write to the Sunderland Echo until now.

I was very annoyed about the letter from Mick the Pen Brown regarding Bruce Forsyth. I think that it’s a disgrace the things he wrote about him. Bruce is a TV legend and I am a big fan. He has been in the business for decades. He turned The Sunday Night at the Palladium show into a great success. This was followed by The Generation Game, The Price is Right and now Strictly Come Dancing. Almost everything he touches turns to gold and I have always backed the view that he should be knighted.

To criticise a TV personality is easy but to start picking faults because of the size of his chin was not on. Bruce is a success because of his stage presence and all-round ability.

I have read letters from Mick The Pen before and I think he is nothing but a trouble maker who probably has a big wooden spoon to act as a stirrer to cause trouble with Bruce Forsyth fans.

M. Meadows, Mount Road, Sunderland

Struggling on

MISSUS! Whether you are young or old, you need to keep healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Times might be hard with worries of finance etc. There’s a saying in Cockfield: “It will get sorted”.

Missus! Life is a struggle, but if you gave a chrysalis which is turning into a butterfly, it would just lie there and die. It needs the struggle to pump the blood into its wings so that it can fly. Like a butterfly, if we don’t struggle with life, we won’t live it. We will just lie around waiting to die.

Not me, Missus. I’m getting on me bike, getting fit, then going to the Grab-a-Granny Tea Dance.

Little Billy Craggs

Old photos wanted

DOES anyone have any photos of old Ravensworth Terrace just off Roker Avenue?

There were seven large four- storey houses and in 1965 they were still standing, but today the 2000 Boxing Club car park stands on the last of them, that one being Number 7, where Mrs Callaghan lived until 1962. Also, any photos of the old houses of Dixon Square?

If anyone can help, they can contact me on 01823 432980.

Mary Glanville, Mill Lane, Taunton