Letters, Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Garden is a great tribute

Well done to Moorsley and District Community Association for achieving its fundraising target to erect a memorial stone in a tribute to those injured or killed in the local mines as well as those brave lads who lost their lives during times of war.

 It was sad to read that some of those who lost their lives were children, especially a little lad by the name of John Wild, who was only 11 months, killed by a blast which showered the village with boiler parts and rubble.

 Also a little eight-year-old girl, Sandra Speed, who lost her life when she fell down a pit shaft.

 This is a great memorials and all who helped raise the money should be proud of themselves, especially Jackie Worthington, who has worked tirelessly for her community as chairwoman.

 When I worked in the communities of Peat Carr and Moorsley, I got to know Jackie well, and I have never met a person so devoted, and determined in her quest to replace the old Moorsley Community hut. She never gave in and eventually had a new one erected.

 Now Jackie and the community association has created this lovely garden of remembrance.

 Well done Jackie and your fellow community workers.

 It sickens me to hear about footballers, actors and politicians getting awards such as OBEs and knighthoods, when people like Jackie Worthington deserve awards for their endless work in the community.

 Take a bow Jackie Worthington and your fellow community workers!

Clive Lee,


Group is such a great idea

What a heartwarming story featured in the Echo (June 5) about the young arthritis sufferer, Jordy Armstrong, who set up a support group for other children with the condition.

 What a wonderful idea.

 Many people still regard rheumatoid arthritis as a disease for those of advanced years. The myth needs to be dispelled. I started developing arthritis symptoms in 1973, when I was 13.

 One thing I am pleased to learn is that Jordy is taking his prescribed medication, please continue. You have time on your side to overcome this disease with help from organisations such as Arthritis Research UK and new medication being developed.

 Good luck with your group.

John Roe,


Search for lost glasses

While out cycling from Harton Lane to Seaburn, passing through the cemetery, on Monday, June 15, my husband lost his bifocal/reactionary glasses in a black case.

 If anyone has come across them, their return would be much appreciated, please ring 07773979289.

Maureen Senior