Letters, Thursday, June 14th, 2012

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Destroying rights of ordinary citizens

I HAVEN’T written any letters for a little time because everything written in the past as to the aim of the Conservatives has come to fruition. Nothing can change this and the proof is that people all over the country are actually coming to realise what Mr Cameron’s aim is.

He will not admit his aims and believes in the destruction of all security and welfare of the ordinary citizens of this country. The council polls prove that people have at last come to their senses – even people in his own camp are changing their views.

The new idea, giving every employer the right to sack a worker for any reason, is abominable and would bring back the bad days of centuries past, with no recompense for any whim of the people in power or their greed.

How can anyone expect a job that will last with any future? Employers could use this as a green light to use people’s life and future to boost their coffers with nobody to answer to. If this idea goes through then it’s goodbye to the chances of our future generation, God help them.

Everything this Government has done since coming into power by the back door has been to subdue the masses and take away their rights. Dictatorship and power are their chief aim, it seems, with no regard to the ills and troubles caused to the elderly, infirm and those in need of help rather than a kick in the teeth.

The reduction at such lengths of our police and Army personnel reduces the security of homes and country. The hiving off of jobs to other countries is another way of trying to show the country who’s in charge and this man is not for turning. Sounds familiar, eh?

Oh and by the way, he’s beginning to show a temper when he is opposed. Just watch the Parliament programmes on the telly – he gives himself away every time.

Colin S. Wasey, Zetland Square, Monkwearmouth

Annoying delay

IT annoys me that Salford Estates is holding up the phase two development of Dalton Park. I live in Murton and we waited long enough for the first phase. I fail to see how owners of a shopping centre in a different town can have any say in a development elsewhere.

The people of Murton had to wait years for the first phase to be finished and we’re having to wait just as long for phase two. We have to travel to Sunderland, Boldon or Teesside to visit a cinema and we have no local supermarket or petrol station.

I don’t know of anyone who travels to Peterlee for their shopping, and the new jobs are certainly needed. As for the people of Peterlee, don’t they have a right to a choice of supermarkets?

Elizabeth Eastwood

Big thank-you

THE ladies of Maritime Almshouses would like to thank Liz and the Ashmore Residents’ Association and our “guardian angel” Christina for such a wonderful Jubilee party on Sunday, June 3. It must have took such a lot of hard work and organisation. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I feel a thank-you is not enough.

To add to this, we all got invited to the Ashbrooke residents’ party on Tuesday, June 5. Another boatload of thanks go to Mary, Kash and Chris. We thoroughly enjoyed the cucumber sandwiches, scones and other culinary delights, all served on “proper china”. What a treat!

To all of the above and some I may have forgotten, thank you again.

Margaret Storey

Labour’s mess

MR Hall forgets the £430billion of debt left by the last Labour government. Just think how many families that amount of money could help.

He also mentions the House of Lords, but again forgets the Labour peers jailed for fiddling their expenses.

He also forgets Blair, Brown, and Mandelson, all millionaires. Where did all their money come from?

So, Mr Hall, it is not just the Tories to blame, so come out of the past and look at the mess Labour has left.

It makes you laugh, or you would cry, when Miliband and Balls try to tell us what to do when they caused most of the trouble we are in today.

G. Liddle, Roker, Sunderland

Fantastic concert

I’VE loved Coldplay’s music for years, but I must say the gig at the SoL exceeded my expectations. From the pre-concert atmosphere in the Colliery Tavern and the Wheatsheaf, the good organisation from all the officials and then probably the best live show I’ve ever experienced. The whole day, apart from the weather, was outstanding.

I stood on the steps at the back of the magically illuminated stadium with the rain beating my face as hard as the bass was beating my heart, with my arms outstretched, singing every note to every song and that moment will stay with me forever.

My wife and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary the day after. We drank, danced, sang and got soaked to the skin, but we would definitely do it all again tomorrow. Amazing!

Rob Irving, Hylton Castle

Ugly structure

READERSs may recall my short letter a few weeks ago and my criticism of those piled-up containers at the junction of White House Road and Tatham Street.

Readers may also recall that I said that “I had seen better looking site huts on open-cast mines and building sites”.

Just to prove my point, if you’re in the vicinity of Roker Retail Park (which is now a building site for Tesco) you will see 12 containers neatly assembled and painted, and with running water, heating, lights and toilet.

I just cannot understand how a Hendon councillor would agree to have this ugly structure erected. I think it is shocking.

Ron Bonallie, Lee Street, Fulwell

Search Party

I LIVE in the Durham area and I’m researching my family tree.

I would like to know if anyone in the Hendon area knows of an Atkin family, in particular Veronica Atkin, maiden name Jones, and her husband Alf.

I do know that they emigrated to South Africa in the 1950s and came back to Hendon in the 60s and lived at Percy Terrace near Villette Road.

If anyone has any other information on Veronica and Alf Atkin, please contact me. With my phone number being a mobile, if anyone rings I will gladly ring them back

Ann Richardson, Tel. 07553 193519

I AM trying to trace a close relative, Christine Parsons (nee Rogers). She would be in her 60s.

Her last address was Villette Path, Sunderland. However, I believe the property was sold in early 2007.

I live in New Zealand so don’t have many resources. If anyone has any information, please drop me an email. Thank you.

Sharon Mountain, Email: email sharonmountain@yahoo.co.nz