Letters, Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Anne’s legacy to make the world better

ANNE Frank, had she survived, would have celebrated her 84th birthday yesterday (June 12).

 When I tell the school pupils I work with this, they are often surprised.

 Had she lived, she would have been the same age as their grandparents or great-grandparents – she is not so far away from them in history as they thought.

 Schools in Sunderland will be playing an important role in our work over the next year, with pupils across the city becoming Anne Frank Ambassadors.

 Through the power of Anne’s words, we encourage young people to embrace positive attitudes, personal responsibility and respect for others. Through realising that Anne Frank was someone like them, who lived with such hope through such difficulty, who has posthumously achieved so much, and inspired so many, they understand what they are capable of: the role that they too can play in challenging the prejudice and hatred that still exist in our society today.

 Members of the public will also be able to learn more about Anne, as the exhibition Anne Frank: A History for Today goes on display at Sunderland Civic Centre from July 22 to August 30, thanks to the City of Sunderland Branch of Unison.

 The Anne Frank Trust is asking young people who turn 13 this year to write a letter to David Cameron, to tell him what kind of world they would like to see, and what would make it better for young people growing up in Britain. Letters can be submitted at www.13in13.org.uk.

 Thirteen of these letters will be shown to the Prime Minister and sections from them will be printed in The Times newspaper.

 I would like to invite the 13-year-olds of the North East to take part in this campaign and look forward to seeing their letters.

Grace Dunne

Waste of money

THE plans for a major link road adjacent to St Mary’s Way are not just “daft” as alleged by Councillor Peter Wood.

 The plans raise the question as to how will the planners succeed in creating a super pedestrian crossing to the Vaux site in competition with buses and 44 ton wagons using the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (SSTC)?

 Will the pedestrians and cyclists go over or under the SSTC in order to reach the Vaux site?

 The eye-watering cost estimated at £13.4million for the remodelling of St Mary’s Way is only one of five phases of an unnecessary detour to the site of the costly iconic bridge that is unlikely ever to materialise – such is the technically impractical design and ridiculous choice of the location.

 Simon Bourne, in the magazine NCE, accuses the council and all the people associated with the SSTC, of creating a ramp against the public purse.

 Phase two of the SSTC is estimated to be £118million and a fixed price for the project will be very difficult to arrange.

 Really, the only plausible reason for the SSTC with its new iconic bridge is, and has been, to enhance the value of the land adjacent to it. The SSTC will only sterilise prime industrial land where permanent jobs can be re-established.

 The police and the police crime commissioner will not investigate because the waste of taxpayers’ money is not criminal and not within their remit. When it comes to maladministration of taxpayers’ money, the Local Government Ombudsman will state that complaints about town and country planning is not within their remit.

Ron McQuillan

A credit to NHS

WE hear so much bad publicity about the NHS, a family member has been on the Rosewood Ward at Cherry Knowle for a period of time and I must comment on the staff who are a credit to the NHS.

 Every member of staff is one in a million, from the ward clerk to the lady who serves the meals.

 They have been of invaluable support. They are always ready to help with any concerns no matter how small.


Leave old dears alone

I SEE that a certain Mr Brown is once again picking on old dears, who use trollies to do their shopping, and Ken Dodd, which incidentally proves that he does not read the Letters Page properly as he failed to pick up on my letter regarding Ken Dodd in reply to a previous letter slating Doddy.

 Mick Brown once stated that he is not a wind up merchant, which is so true because in order to wind up people you need to be sarcastic and as sarcasm is a form of humour that uses sharp, cutting remarks or in many cases (certainly not pertaining to Mick) language intended to mock, wound, or subject to contempt or ridicule. In other words subtleness is the keyword, not a bludgeoning of the senses which is what Mick uses.

 So if you are, as you say, just giving your opinion on the views of Wearside life, whether we like it or not, at least keep to something that could be construed as cynical and kindly leave Hylton Castle, old people, Penshaw Monument ét all alone.

 You could, for example, point out that Wayne Rooney and his ilk received a pay rise from the Government while the unemployed were given less than the one per cent promised by Mr Cameron – 70p is not one per cent of £71.

 So can I and many others have help in getting our missing pennies back, please?

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw

Deliberate policy

THANKS to this Conservative-led Government’s reforms we have already seen a significant fall in net migration, which is down by a quarter compared to last year, while the total number of visas issued is at its lowest since 2005.

 These reforms aim to bring net migration down from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands by the end of this parliament and bring to an end the free for all on immigration under Labour.

 Contrast this with the policy of Labour when in government.

 Former Labour speechwriter and adviser Andrew Neather said that Labour deliberately encouraged immigration in order to change the make-up of Britain.

 Mr Neather said the policy was designed to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’.

 Now Peter Mandelson has confirmed that the Blair and Brown government engineered mass immigration. The former Cabinet Minister and spin doctor said New Labour sought out foreign workers.

 Between 1997 and 2010, net migration to Britain totalled more than 2.2million, more than twice the population of Birmingham.

 Labour has been reluctant to admit it deliberately engineered the influx of migrants who have transformed whole communities over the past 10 years.

 However, Lord Mandelson said: “In 2004 when as a Labour Government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them, in some cases, to take up work in this country.”

 He said: “The problem grew during the period of economic stagnation.”

 This confirmed that governments led by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, deliberately engineered mass immigration.

Keith O’Brien,

Middle Herrington

Inconsiderate diners

SUNDAY lunch out is usually a very pleasant affair – chatting to other diners and enjoying good food.

 Last Sunday, June 9, at Bellinis lovely restaurant in Fulwell on a sunny day, all the enjoyment was ruined by a family having a meal together.

 Their raucous behaviour spoiled it for everyone.

 We intended staying, as did some others, to have another course and coffee but the noise was so unbearable we left.

 Why do people go on like this. They have no thought for other diners who want to enjoy a meal out too.

 They forget others are paying and deserve some consideration.

 Politeness costs nothing.

Regular diner,