Letters, Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Country not able to cope

AS John Redwood MP says, business will stay in the UK regardless of the result of the EU referendum.

 However, the only way for us is to be out of the EU. They want us in for our money.

 We are a small island, overcrowded, and our housing, education and NHS are under tremendous strain.

 The EU wants to impose lots of boat migrants on us. The truth is that we cannot, and must not, take any.

 Barroso and Angela Merkel have made it plain that freedom of movement of 27 nations will not be stopped as they would all have to agree to it! They say there will be no change of Treaty.

 On BBC Politics Show, naturally, Ken Clarke, europhile, was interviewed. They want a young person to be leading the No to leaving the EU campaign.

 Will they be successful in stopping the millions of immigrants here from voting?

 When will we all admit that the EU caused the civil war in Ukraine?

 Wanting Ukraine to join caused Russia to react. It is responsible for the many deaths.

Marjorie Matthews,


City needs a good scrub

OH, what is happening to our wonderful, proud city.

 We have a lovely Museum – Winter Gardens – and what is the first thing we see? The outer facade canopy is absolutely filthy.

 It only needs a good steady step ladder and a bucket of hot soapy water and, hey presto, back to its glory days.

 Someone, please, take note and get your finger out – oh and your scrubbing brush.

Anne Stamp,


Time to stop hospital cuts

I RECENTLY had to spend the night in Sunderland Royal Hospital after a seven-hour operation due to a problem I’ve had with my groin.

 I thank my lucky stars I was able to be discharged the day after, thanks to the wonderful nurses and doctors.

 I believe we need more nurses and doctors because if we don’t we will be in trouble.

 It’s time to stop making cuts to the NHS and give the nurses and doctors what they want – a decent living.

 Are you listening Mr Cameron? Stop the NHS cuts before its too late.

William Robson,


It’s a bit of an inconvenience

SO Sunderland is to apply for City of Culture.

  Unfortunately, Sunderland does not have a public convenience in its central station.

 If it gains the title, that will make Sunderland all fur coat and no knickers? (As the late Hilda Baker might have said).

R Tomlinson,