Letters, Thursday, July 9, 2015

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No place for Phillips

As a coach employed by Leicester City FC, Kevin Phillips should concentrate on his own club and leave SAFC matters to others (Echo, comments, July 3)

 A fabulous player for the majority of his time at SAFC and part of the best Sunderland side in my lifetime, I would suggest SKP concentrates on issues at the controversy-ridden East Midlands club, which needs to get its own house in order without one of its staff telling another premiership club how to run its affairs.

 For the record, I think Advocaat might show Phillips why he’s been appointed this coming campaign, including ultimately having a big say in who his successor will be.

Tom Lynn

Thatcher will never be liked

Thatcher will be hated for ever. She spent her time in power attacking working class people, destroying lives and communities along the way. No wonder many people don’t wish to indulge in the media circus that is taking place at the moment.

 This was the lady that presided, sowing the seeds of the issues that we have to grapple with now.

 Why not campaign for a living wage, which will allow people to come off of benefits.

 This would also mean working people would have more money to spend, thus helping to stimulate the economy.

 The only solution the Tories have is to demonise poorer members of society

K Stoker

More seats are needed

I agree wholeheartedly with Jennifer Wiles (regional director Living Street) that it is encouraging to see more people out and about walking.

 However, what this city lacks is public seats for walkers to rest their weary legs while walking into the city centre.

 All the main arterial roads into the city, be it Newcastle Road, Southwick Road, Ryhope Road, Durham Road, Chester Road, Hylton Road, are bereft of seats.

 Council action is required.

Derek Robe,


Where are our MPs?

I always watch and listen to Prime Minister’s questions whenthe PM is grilled by MPs, who get on their soap boxes to try to get privileges for their constituents and to fight for them.

 I never see our three Labour MPs making their presence felt. Do they still to represent us? We only see them at election time.

 MPs think they deserve their 10% pay rise while the rest of us have to do without, especially council workers who make do with 1%. I don’t think they deserve their rise or the generous expenses.

Mr C,

High Barnes