Letters, Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Not in my backyard

After reading the article in the Echo a couple of weeks ago about local graffiti artist Frank Styles, I feel I must write and put forward the other side of the story.

 I, and other residents, living close by these great works of art were not consulted at any time to find out if we had any thoughts or opinions as to their nature or position in our locale.

  The original remit (passed by the council) was for six of these giant murals to adorn gable ends in Hendon as the place needed ‘brightening up’ (their opinion, we were not asked) – maybe trees and flowers was the suggestion.

 Instead we have ended up with murals depicting either factual or (mainly) fictional happenings in the history of Hendon. A book has also been produced to go along with this and there was a street tour with theatrical productions at each mural.

  To date there are eight murals, and on speaking to the artist he would like many, many more. While we are not saying he does not have talent, we are questioning the locations of these works.

 Hendon is populated with many diverse cultures and as anywhere we get along by respecting each other’s opinions.

 Our cottages have been featured on TV by John Grundy as excellent examples of fine Victorian and Edwardian architecture, and this is also our history.

 I fear it is being slowly defaced by these works of art.

 If you feel you must have your house decorated in this style, why not do it in your back yard and not on the gable end or back lane wall where you can’t see it, but your neighbours can.

 Hendon was doing just fine before these pictures came to ‘brighten up’ our lives.

 We concede we are now stuck with them but we do not want any more thank you.

 Live and let live and if you feel the need to express yourself in this manner, keep it within your own boundaries as I do with mine.

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Bid to study job choices

I would appreciate it if any university students graduating this year or next could take five minutes to fill in a questionnaire for my MSc Human Resources Management dissertation.

 The dissertation is about the various job attributes graduates look for when entering employment.

 Not only will it really help me, it may also get you thinking about what you’re looking for from your first job, which can help you to target potential jobs/employers.

 The questionnaire is at http://tinyurl.com/porebts

Isabel Levett,

University of Edinburgh

A great place

I wish to thank the builders of the new hospital at Ryhope.

 On my last visit the land was empty and building just beginning. Now, it is a beautiful, comfortable complex.

Mrs M Jack