Letters, Thursday, July 16, 2015

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It’s time to pull out of EU

Without a doubt the worst thing we ever did was to join the Common Market (EU).  

 Here we are 70 years after and worse off than during the war (WW2). Many argue that we will be sadly off though, not trading.

 Odd, we were trading for years without the CM, eg. Australia, New Zealand, America, on and on.

 Get out now. Angela Merkel has taken over our country without a shot, what Hitler couldn’t do in six years of war.

 The second big error was the Channel Tunnel. The weak link should be blocked up, or better still, pull the plug out. We have at least half a million migrants (illegals) in our country and the way the French are performing (dumping them on us) they’ve never got over Wellington and the Waterloo saga, and Churchill for sinking their Navy during the war. I’ll toss Joan of Arc in for good measure. Anyway she was burnt at the stake, accused of being a witch, maybe that’s why they are angry and wanting their own back on us.

 All kidding aside, let’s pull the plug on the EU and not be dominated by them. Stuff Brussels and the Human Right Bill in the tunnel. This is the only country to abide by this law.

William Smith,


Labour closed more mines

I wonder what country Craig Robinson (Echo Letters, July 7) lives in? In spite of the Good Friday Appeasement with many killers pardoned, lots of IRA conflicts have continued.

 Does he not know that Arthur Scargill, without a majority, conducted the miners’ strike to try to bring down the Thatcher government? He did not succeed and Labour closed more mines since that strike than the Tories.

 Also, in 2010, Mrs Thatcher was voted the most influential woman in the world in a UK poll. This was reported in the Sun, November 1, 2010 and in other papers.

 How does Craig explain the fact that in the last election the Tories were voted in with an overall majority?

Marjorie Matthews,


A great show from Encore

On Wednesday, July 8, some friends and I attended a concert at the Customs House in South Shields by the group Encore.

 I have never heard the songs from Phantom of the Opera, also Evita, sung more beautifully. Each and every one of the singers were excellent. We can only say Andrew on the piano was superb. I can not pick out one singer who did not give their all, it was magic. We have supported Encore for many years. We wait patiently for Encore’s next show in September. We missed Janet and the funny little lady. They were missed.

Mrs Ada Inskipp,