Letters, Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Parents and council are to blame

It was very sad to read in the Echo about a few morons throwing glass bottles all over the cat and dogs stairs.

You have to wonder about the parents of these heathens, letting them roam all over the place when they should all have been at home.

The parents are just as much to blame as these morons.

I wondered why the lifeguards had to pick up all the broken glass – I have since been told our council has stopped cleaning the beaches to save money.

The seafront and the beaches are one of the few assets we have left.

We have one of the highest-paid civil servants in the country, earning more money than the Prime Minister, and others on more than £100,000.

It has been said many times this council could not organise the proverbial in Vaux’s brewery and they have proved it by spending over £2million on making into a car park only to close a few months later.

The Civic Centre needs a complete clean-out from top to bottom. We have had more than 40 years of labour and it is a time for a change.

I know it will be hard for the dinosaurs to change the way they vote but when the elections come round there will be plenty of choice – just look around the city and see just what have they done for us. Nowt.



Weeds grow in city

I’VE noticed over recent weeks weeds growing in areas of Sunderland, and there seems to be just one man attempting to fix the situation – and that only if you complain.

I realise there are cuts but come on – the council seems to find £2m for a car park and £11.5m for a new road so why can they not find money for a new leisure centre on the sea front?

The council is trying to achieve a vibrant city centre with an economy to match for both residents and visitors alike, yet closing Crowtree will mean 500,000 less people a year coming into the city centre.

At a time when we are constantly told to lead a more healthy lifestyle and get more exercise, closing Crowtree beggars belief.

With Crowtree closed there will be no leisure facilities in the city centre for young, old and families alike.

Let’s show Sunderland Council the true public feelings on their plans for the city and seafront.

Sunderland city centre has a lot of problems – some of it is how it looks, while the other is lack of jobs, leading to a lack of spending.

The first problem for me is the most depressing, as Sunderland was once was an attractive place and looked much more a city than it does now.

Donner Stoker.

Family history help

I would very much like to get in touch with anyone with any information on two people who were a big part of my family’s history.

Isabell (Bellsy) Amstad’s last known address was Victor Court in Roker.

She also had a son called Simon. Isabel passed away in the early 90s.

Julia Addison, whose last known address was Cannon Cockin Street in the 1950s, or Percy Terrace. Her mother was Annie Jones.

If anyone has any information on either of these people could you get in touch on 07769030908 and ask for janet or email me, janet.kershaw215@live.com

Janet Kershaw.

Search for Spencer

I am looking for any information on Ferdinand George Spencer, who died on August 21, 1964, aged 82.

His address was given as 19 Oak Crescent, Whitburn, and stated he was a retired quarryman. Also on the certificate was his daughter F M Bevan. Her address was given as 26 Beech Avenue, Whitburn.

Any information, however small, would be appreciated – please email me on zzzadox@yahoo.co.uk

Mrs Florence Evans.