Letters, Thursday, January 30, 2014

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There is nothing left in our city

SO, Sunderland Central Fire Station is to be closed as well as Gill Bridge Police Station.

 Our Probate office has been closed for years. You need to go to – guess where – Newcastle to complete a probate. Even our city leisure centre has been closed.

 Linda Colley says Newcastle was a great shipbuilding town but there was no mention of Sunderland, which for many years was the biggest shipbuilding town in the world.

 There was no mention either of Newcastle’s Swan Hunter shipyard where the employees were on strike over a tea break, and lost a massive order.

 What is to be closed next? The magistrates’ court, Sunderland Royal Hospital and the civic centre?

 What should be the new name for this forgotten city? Blunderland, Slumberland, Plunderland?

 Take your pick.

Marjorie Matthews

Foreigners are part of our make-up

THANK you to David Buckman (January 19) for replying to my letter (January 4), which discussed the influence of foreigners in this country.

 David states that Jesus and Santa Claus are not good examples, but, I think, that it is significant that our national and established religion is based upon the life of a foreigner called Jesus. Santa Claus might not be a good example because he only makes fleeting visits to this country, so this makes him non-resident.

 The fact that two foreigners, Saint George and Saint Andrew, have been accepted as patron saints of this country matters greatly, as does the presence of their emblems in the Union Jack.

 Since publication of my original letter, other examples of significant foreigners have come to mind.

 Queen Victoria married a foreigner called Prince Albert.

 Do Sunderland people who use the Queen Alexandra Bridge or who live in Queen Alexandra Road ever think that these places are named after a foreigner?

 I am not clear about those foreigners who have joined the Royal family in more recent times, but I think I am correct to say that HM Queen Elizabeth married a foreigner, HRH Philip, and that the heir to the throne, HRH Princes Charles is the son of a foreigner.

John Watson

We live in a no blame culture

WHO woke up Heather Fagan (Independent).

 A councillor resign who made an error, and wasted £3.8m of public funds? We cannot continue under his leadership – why not?

 People in public office have wasted money for many, many years.

 I don’t remember any complaints when Whitehall hired £6m advisers, Bernard Grey spent £100,000 on expenses in a year, Nadhim Zahawi MP claimed £6k for home heat and electricity, or the £6k per month spent to control pests in Parliament – why not just sack them all?

 Cameron’s largest ever trade mission to China, including friends and relations, was all at taxpayers’ expense.

 Many embassies in London owe the taxman millions in overdue parking fines.

 Whose error was all that? And still she wants an official to resign.

 Who made the error to give India aid each year, at a cost of £284m, so they can send a £45m unmanned rocket to Mars? Is all this acceptable for people in public office?

 In all my 55 years working, I never dreamed my tax would be spent by sane, responsible people on worthwhile projects – that is just a dream.

 Councillor Paul Watson will be in line now for a medal, maybe a knighthood, for his diligence.

Mr J A Stott,


No one cares about our old buildings

YOU look around this city and everything is going, especially the listed buildings.

 These buildings are not supposed to be touched, let alone pulled down.

 Other cities have still got their heritage intact and it puts our city in the shade.

 Lovely buildings that are a pleasure to look at.

 Our city is just an eyesore, simple as that.

 I would just like to know how our council can pull all of our heritage down?

 Anyone who is living in a listed building can’t even do alterations withour permission. So why is there a law for normal people and one for councils – or am I missing something here?

 If so, what?

 It’s a disgrace, but like everything else, who really cares.

B Crute,

High Barnes