Letters, Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Chopping trees is wanton vandalism

AS a regular walker in Herrington Park, Penshaw, I was appalled to find that on Tuesday, December 18, five trees had been chopped down and just left lying next to what was left of the tree stump. Three trees were Scottish pines, one a young silver birch and one alder tree.

 The park rangers and staff work very hard to maintain this park to a very high standard for the many people who use it on a daily basis for walking, cycling and jogging.

 Why do people have to cause so much wanton vandalism and why chop trees down and then just leave them?

 I can understand in this time of economical pressures on all of us how someone may chop down the Scottish pines for Christmas trees or even fuel, but why chop down the silver birch and alder tree?

 In my eyes, this action amounts to sheer vandalism.

Maria Marriner,


A short memory

MY late husband also worked at Wearmouth Colliery. Have you forgotten Mrs Metcalfe, Margaret Thatcher’s Government when they were in power took thousands of pension money from us?

 By the way, it was the banks that got this country in the hole we are in. Cameron has been giving millions of pounds to other countries. On television one country told Cameron they had more millionaires than in England. Some people have short memories.

 Margaret Thatcher closed all the pits, shipyards and factories. Even the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when visiting the vaults at the Bank of England told them don’t let it happen again. It was live on television.

 A miner’s wife praising Tories, think back.

Mrs G Cassidy,

Fee Terrace

A weight first

I WRITE with reference to the letter on December 11 concerning HS Lindenbank built by WM Doxford in 1961 by Adam Scott Coray.

 My letter on December 12, about the ships tonnage, was from ships built at Sunderland Volume 12, by John Oliver. The book is in the history section of Sunderland Library.

 I worked at WM Pickersgills shipyard, April 1954 to January 1960. After the launch of any ship on the river, there was a photo and a write-up in the Sunderland Echo the next day of the ship or ships launched. The tonnage printed in the Echo about the ship or ships, was always the deadweight tonnage, and never the gross tonnage. The ships draught is clearly shown on the plimsoll line.

 The photo of the Lindenbank was the first time I’ve seen the gross tonnage printed.

Ken Cheal,


Support is vital

ON behalf of the Sunderland Branch of the British Heart Foundation I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and say thank you for all the support and genorosity that people have given to the branch and the charity during 2012. It is very much appreciated.

 Since September the branch has raised over £5,000. This was achieved with the Seaburn Stroll in September, fund-raising collections at Asda Leechmere, Sainsbury’s at The Galleries, Morrison’s Doxford Park and Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 Heart and Circulatory disease is the UK’s biggest killer, so in 2011 we launched the Mending Broken Hearts appeal, probably the charities most ambitious project ever. Its goal is to fund research that could begin to literally mend a broken heart.

 The human heart cannot heal itself, once it breaks it stays that way, so without the support from Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Sunderland Royal and all our fund-raisers and the public, the charity can not carry on with this research.

 The Sunderland branch relies on its volunteers and we are always in need of helpers, so if you have some spare time and would like to help, contact Jim Machin, chairman, on 548 3739, or Michael Roper, secretary, on 534 2767.

 Thank you again.

Michael Roper

Branch Secretary

Bemused over bin

IT was with bemusement that I discovered in sorting the Christmas rubbish that while the standard green bins were to be emptied on December 29, the overflowing blue recycling bin was not due to be emptied until January 5.

 Surely at Christmas, if not all the year round, it is the recycling bins that should be emptied first as it is these which become replete before the standard bins.

 In my own experience, as we all recycle more of our refuse, it is increasingly the norm for the green bin to be in need of emptying only once a fortnight.

 The current blue bins are increasingly inadequate, particularly the black paper box insert.

Tim Dumble

South Bents

Taking a stand

AFTER following Sunderland for 40 years through thick and thin (mostly thin), I would be furious if I got to the ground and found my ticket had been suspended for the terrible crime of standing while watching the game.

 I’m afraid the club would never get another penny from me through either ticket sales or the club shop.

Ralph Arnold,