Letters, Thursday, January 27th, 2010

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Pet hospital should be available to all

I AM a pet owner and love my dog dearly.

I was overjoyed to hear about the new PDSA that has been built in Southwick. I was very interested to read about all of the success stories in the Sunderland Echo.

However, it really annoys me that as a woman who works for a living I am not entitled to help for my dog from the PDSA. Apparently the PDSA is only accessible to those who are receiving either housing benefit or council tax benefit.

However, on a number of occasions I have driven past this new animal hospital and witnessed pedigree dogs been taken from cars – some very expensive cars too.

I just wonder how, if people haven’t enough money to pay their full rent or council tax, they can afford to have pedigree dogs, sometimes more than one per owner.

I think the PDSA should be accessible to everyone. Just because I work and pay tax doesn’t mean I can necessarily afford vet fees if my dog was to become ill.

I wonder how many other readers think this way ?

DB, Southwick, Sunderland

Christmas thanks

MAKING a difference to women and children’s sense of worth is exactly what many kind people achieved at Christmas time.

Wearside Women In Need staff and volunteers would like to sincerely thank everyone who donated toys to the Echo appeal and gifts for the women residing in our refuges.

We would also like to thank everyone involved at Houghton Methodist Church for providing an excellent dinner and first-class hospitality for our festive party.

Many thanks also to Gilpin WI, Herrington WI and Station Road WI for all their donations throughout the year and at Christmas.

Thanks also to the people who chose to remain anonymous when donating.

Staff would also like to show our appreciation to WWIN’s director who worked round the clock to ensure our women and children received their gifts of choice.

WWIN trustees deserve a mention too for their dedication to the cause.

The Coalfields Team, Wearside Women In Need, Washington

I WOULD like to thank everyone who donated gifts through the Christmas Appeal for Wearside Women In Need.

I came to the Mental Health refuge eight months ago in only what I was wearing and I never thought my Christmas would be so wonderful.

I was overjoyed at receiving such beautiful gifts and it made so much difference to how I was feeling. Thank you very much and a very Happy New Year to all.

To all the kind and extremely generous readers, may I thank you all for the fabulous toiletry gift set that I received through your kindness and thoughtfulness and also for the stocking filler gift.

We had a very happy and peaceful Christmas Day after several Christmas Days suffering fear and intimidation.

I am a resident in the Mental Health Project, suffering from severe depression due to systematic domestic abuse over the years, but this considerate gesture has made me realise there are still some lovely people about.

I would like to say a heartfelt thank-you to everybody who has thought of people worse off than themselves and God bless you for the gifts given. 

I left my marital home after I could not stand living with my abusive partner any more.

I was welcomed by Wearside Women In Need and I am slowly, with help, trying to build my self-esteem and learn again to do things for myself, after being controlled in every aspect of my life for so long.

I never expected anything for Christmas. How wrong I was and I was over the moon at the beautiful things I got sent by the generous readers of your paper.

You have certainly restored my faith in people. I am so very grateful. A million times, thank you.

Resident, WWIN

I WOULD like to thank everyone who donated toys to the Echo Toy Appeal.

Living away from home is not always easy because all our belongings are there, all our children’s toy.

We left home with nothing, myself and my three children. What we stood up in was what we had.

We managed to find a safe place to stay after living with violence and threats of violence for years. That’s why this Christmas was the best. No abuse, just love and kindness from caring people.

We could not believe that people had bought presents for all of us.

Our family and other families would like to thank everyone who donated toys to all our children living at Wearside Women In Need.

God bless you all.

Very grateful resident, Houghton

THANK you for your contributions of gifts and toys for the women and children.

It was much appreciated to see the children’s faces light up and smiling on Christmas morning.

A grateful resident, Houghton WWIN