Letters, Thursday, January 24, 2013

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We are being failed by the care system

DAVID Cameron’s promise to look after the NHS seems to have been diluted.

 My wife was admitted to South Tyneside Hospital suffering from a stroke on November 20. She was able to feed herself, sitting up, until November 23. She then went into a coma and became constipated.

 She then had a massive haemorrhage. A surgeon took me into a side room to prepare me for her death.

 Efforts were made to try to find where the bleeding was and the surgeon told me it might be in the duodenum. He could not operate because of the anti-coagulants. My wife now has to be spoon-fed and has since become emaciated.

 The other day I was invited to a meeting with her consultant who offered me the choice of placing my wife in a care home or to look after her myself at my home.

 They told me that I would be provided with a hospital bed with four visits a day from carers, but there would be no night cover provided. I would have to pay for this service.

 My wife is now bedridden.She needs moving and toilet attention. I am in my 85th year living on my own.

 With some care homes closing, others with a poor reputation, I would prefer my wife to be at home with the family she knows and responds to.

 Like most people of our age we paid a substantial part of our salaries over during our working lives. My wife was a midwife.

 I can understand the Government’s wish for sick people to be cared for in their own home (which of course means massive savings to the NHS) particularly when diseases such as Norovirus, MRSA, and other diseases are prevalent.

 My wife contracted pneumonia, fortunately the medical staff diagnosed it quickly.

 My elderly sister, who lives in Gloucestershire, tells me that patients like my wife get full care coverage at home, so why are the patients and carers penalised in this area?

Frederick Davis

Must stop crisis

THE £5 charge for council tax for people on benefits is only equivalent to a packet of cigarettes.

 Most of these people have 42/50-inch plasma flat screen or 3D TVs and how have they managed to buy these and pay for a Sky subscription?

 Who is helping to fund the vast wages being paid to footballers at the other end of the pay scale?

 The benefit system should only give vouchers so, people can only exchange for food or clothes, that would put an end to them buying cigarettes and booze and stop this farce which working people object too.

 There should be a law passed too to stop money lenders exploiting these vulnerable people, allowing them to get further into debt.

 Prison is a good place for these sharks to be put.

 It is about time for Parliament to get a grip of what the Conservatives are doing to get the country out of this mess so it does not happen again.

 We should stop illegal immigrants from entering the country and using the benefit system for a fast buck. Benefits should only go to British citizens who have lived here all of their lives.

 The worst thing this country did was to open the borders, instigated by the European Parliament, to these people flocking here for an easy life.

 The bickering of the Labour Party should stop because they are the cause of the situation we are in and should applaud what the Conservatives are doing to cut back on the deficit they left.

Ken Smith,


No need for rise

CAMELOT is to raise its prices from £1 to £2 a line. I’ll be lowing my prices from £1 a line to zero.

 With Camelot there is little chance of winning big. Now it will be “two” little chances of winning.

 I will save £988 a year that I can now put towards a holiday. At 70 years old what would I do with £2million or £20million – keep my offspring happy. We would have had all this without the rise under Richard Branson.

 They say it’s rising after market research. But they did not say this was “their” interpretation of what the research meant.

 Last year I wrote to Camelot, due to all the unclaimed money they have, with the suggestion of each ticket should have the owners address on it, ie the Prime Minister would write, 10 SW1Q-2AA (no problem), or Sunderland Echo as Echo SR4 9ER.

 Naturally this will not be in use, as it would mean all the money going to its rightful owner.

 With the present system unclaimed money can be misappropriated, ie used for charity, projects, expenses internal or external. Of course, my way would show how honest Camelot is with other people’s money.

 Maybe in the future it may be used and some despot like boss Andy Duncan can claim it as his own idea and claim a bonus.

 On the slim off-chance I continue in the autumn my £19 per week will be drastically reduced.

John A Stott,