Letters, Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Monarchy bring many benefits

I REFER to the letter from Lesley Garside (January 12) and her suggestions regarding the Royal Family.

 Perhaps I could reiterate part of a past letter from me which was published a few years ago.

 No politician in Britain has any permanence, but our Head of State gives the country continuity, which is one of the main benefits of having a monarchy.

 The monarchy provides our country with links between our history, our present and our future.

 The future of Britain belongs to the people of these islands, the system we have allows the destiny of the people to endure.

 While going through their journey, our politicians must channel the power of the people for the benefit of the people and the betterment of Great Britain.

 To understand the present we must study the past, which is good advice if this country wants to set its compass on a true course.

 As for the NHS its predicament is the same as our schools, housing, policing, courts, prisons and our whole infrastructure, mainly due to mass immigration, obviously, resulting in too many people in our country.

Gordon Tomlinson,


A strong economy benefits everyone

REGARDING the letter on January 6 from Mr J Watson, of Washington.

 I totally agree with him and will go a little further.

 In 1963, I believe JFK said and I quote “think not what the country can do for you, think what you can do for the country”.

 This phrase put in another way, which I think is adopted by socialists, is “think not what you can do for the country, but think what the country can do for you”.

 This phrase turned upside down in my opinion resembles the way socialists think and that is why socialism does not work and never has. A strong economy and everybody benefits.

G Whitter

Tax cuts have not benefited well-off

IT is a popular misconception that tax cuts have benefited only the well-off.

 Under the last Labour government, the top one per cent of earners paid nine per cent of taxes.

 According to the Office for National Statistics, the top one per cent of earners now pay 29 per cent of all taxes, and the top 10 per cent of earners now pay 59 per cent of all taxes.

 This is fact, not spin.

 I hope this makes the usual sophists feel better.

J Watson

Pope point scoring

POPE Francis baptised 33 babies in the Sistine Chapel (Daily Mirror, January 12) and told the mums to feel free to breastfeed them if they were hungry.

 I wonder if the Pope was trying to win brownie points, as was suggested by Margaret Wilkinson, about me in her letter of January 1.

 I have no wish to boast but it would appear that great minds think alike.

R Tomlinson,