Letters, Thursday, January 20th, 2010

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Misguided efforts to prolong our lives

WE are reliably informed in the morning paper that pretty soon 20 per cent of us are going to live to see our 100th birthday. That’s all very well but how many of all those old people will be compos mentis enough to realise the occasion?

A succession of pioneering doctors, aided by transplants and drugs, are fighting to prolong the time a body will live, and they are doing very well – we are living longer. The trouble is, the bodies of quite a large proportion of old people are out-living their brains and we are left with the shell of the former person, still alive, but unable to feed or look after themselves.

The thought of that as a future for me leaves me with the “Screaming Abadan Blues” (aka “The Willies”) No, it’s a cruel world, made by all the crueler by ill-conceived interference and the playing of God in people’s lives.

It’s okay if one has the ability to live to 100 off your own bat, with dignity, but I see every day the result of the body motoring but the brain in the “pits”.

No Strada Mus, Phoenix Road, Sunderland

Club’s thanks

EVERYONE at Farringdon Detached FC would like to thank all customers, staff and management at Morrisons, Doxford Park, who were very generous with donations when our club did its recent bag packing in store on Thursday, December 23.

Also a big thank-you to Jackie King who made it possible for our club to do the bag packing and for also putting on great hot food for our players at lunchtime and to the canteen staff who looked after us very well.

Our club made the great sum of £1,250 on the day, which will be a great help towards our aim of raising £10,000 towards our new minibus to take our players to training and games and to travel to tournaments during the summer.

Once again thank you very much from everyone at Farringdon Detached FC for the kind donations.

Ian Stewart, Farringdon Detached Football Club, West Street, Silksworth

Don’t pick on dogs

IN reply to Dog Mess Disgrace (Echo, January 8), has A. Neal had a good look around – as in broken bottles, cans etc? My dog of 16 years has had his paws cut many times with broken wine and vodka bottles etc.

A. Neal should walk around back lanes in Roker and Fulwell before picking on dogs.

Animal Lover, Kingston Terrace, Roker, Sunderland

Loss of parking

SUNDERLAND Museum is the most visited museum outside London, and many of the visitors park their vehicles in the adjacent Tavistock car park.

As I had been so concerned at the proposed closing of the Tavistock car park, I sent in my objections on October 26 and then attended the official meeting in the civic centre on Tuesday, January 11.

I realise that Sunderland, with its high rate of unemployment, needs to encourage firms to come to the area, but car parking, too, is important. There were only two slight concerns re car parking by councillors, and then council members approved the planning application.

Tavistock car park has 150 car parking spaces. The new three-storey building to be built on the site will only have an enclosed 100 space car park. Sixty new software businesses, creating 140 new jobs in the city are expected on the site. I assume most, if not all the car parking spaces, will be used by the employees.

Surely, there will be no room for visitors to the city wishing to visit the wonderful museum by car? Or for the residents living in the flats beside the Mowbray Park Hotel, many who had assumed that parking would always be available at Tavistock.

At the meeting we were told that the city was trying to persuade visitors to use public transport, cycle, or walk into the city. I only hope that the council will prioritise, somehow, organising wide cycle lanes around the city first, and also provide plenty of cycle racks in the new complex.

Mrs P. Anne Farrow, Penshaw

Good neighbours

THANK you to Sunderland City Council for sending a JCB to clear Ruswarp Drive on December 30.

Also to neighbours who were clearing snow at 7.30am on Christmas Eve so that our daughter’s funeral could proceed without any disruption.

If there is a “good neighbour award”, we would award it to you all.

Sincere thanks.

Lynn, Keith and Craig Henderson, Ruswarp Drive, Sunderland