Letters, Thursday, January 15, 2015

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Politicians using terror tactics

THE latest scaremongering by local MP Sharon Hodgson, who has blasted the NHS in its failure to reach the targets set for A&E, is yet another example of just how far Labour will go to in order to gain power.  According to reports there are a million more patients a year in A&E since the last election. Hospitals are performing a million more operations and GPs are conducting 2.1million more consultations a year.

 In the words of one concerned journalist “with 119 days until the election all the main parties are attempting to terrify us into believing that only they can save the NHS”. Meanwhile, Sharon Hodgson is adding fuel to the fire with her outburst attacking the Government (Echo, January 7), when in actual fact many A&Es are working successfully.

 Perhaps the MP for Washington and Sunderland West should do a little research as to how this situation has arisen. It was the Blair government which gave doctors contractual permission not to have weekend surgeries, which saved very little by way of salaries.

 There is an ageing population, an increase in alcohol related problems, which many believe is a direct consequence of the Blair government’s introduction of 24-hour alcohol licencing, along with massive migration into the country – all have contributed to the growing pressures on the NHS.

 However, the failure of A&Es to reach targets over the recent holidays is the fact that people wanting to see their GP were prevented from doing so because the out-of-hours contract resulting in people going to A&Es at weekends.

 If Mrs Hodgson fears for the NHS then she must be having nightmares over the performance Ed Miliband during a recent interview with Andrew Marr who asked him “did you use the word weaponise about the NHS?”

 Ed replied: “I want to fight for the NHS”. Andrew persisted “did you use the word weaponise?” He ‘didn’t recall’ using the word.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward

They got it right

VIVE la France! In respect of recent events in Paris, I cannot commend the French authorities enough for their excellent handling of the situation and the result they got. An example to us all.

 Similar situations in Canada and Australia have ended very much the same. Mossad (Israel) are famous for it. No mention of Human Rights, long drawn out court cases, then terrorists to keep for the next 40 years. Just hunt them down and kill them.

 We can all remember the drummer Lee Rigby murder. Faced with two deranged radicals, awash with blood, meat cleavers in hand, our police hesitated before opening fire, then they only shot them in the legs.

 No doubt in the back of the officers minds were the nagging question: “Will I have any charges (murder) to face?”

 This is all wrong. They must be given carte blanche to act without fear of reprisal.

 Apparently these radicals believe that if they die a martyr, Allah is waiting for them. All we have to do is arrange the meeting.

John Potts