Letters, Thursday, January 10, 2013

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Time to end this honours ‘farce’

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Mick Thurlbeck on his article highlighting the honours given to Olympic and Paralympic competitors doing something they get highly paid for and not to the Armed Forces who give their lives and should be regarded as our true heroes.

 All past and present respondents should hand back the awards just as Ken Livingstone has returned his CBE.

 I was in the Royal Navy for 25 years and was awarded the Good Conduct Medal, which on the present market is worth about £50. I wonder what the current going rate is for an Olympic Gold Medal.

 This award, or something similar, could be awarded for these sportsmen and women rather than Knighthoods and Dames for riding a bike around a circuit, running around a track, swimming in a pool, or kicking a bag of wind around on a field.

 So, please, stop this farce by giving awards, which have been diminished, to people who have contributed to the country and not for sporting achievements.

 The whole payment to sportsmen should be looked at and revaluated. They use this at a later stage, because they have the money, to support charities to show themselves as doing something for the country or community. Anyone can support a charity if they have been paid vast amounts of money for the privilege of enjoying being a sportsman.

 How nice to be able to play golf for charity to make more headlines for themselves, or as a sports pundit earning vast wages.

Ken Smith,


Fast food horror

HAVING the misfortune of sale shopping in the MetroCentre I was shocked at the amount of fast food outlets.

 Even worse the amount of men women and children inside these outlets who clearly did not need them.

 There’s not a lot anyone can do with overweight adults other than try to educate them about their eating habits. However, it has to be hammered home to these adults the damage it is doing to their children.

 The cries of we can’t do anything when the kids are outside, or at school, well give them packed lunches and no money so they can’t afford the temptation.

 When a child is crying talk to him or her don’t shut them up with a pasty or chips. This isn’t an attack on the MetroCentre or the people who frequent it, as The Bridges is exactly the same, but more like a Poundland version.

 So to whom it may concern the next time you’re out shopping and you’re feeling hungry or your child is crying, entertain your child or give them and yourself some fruit.

 It’s a start to a better and healthier life.

Ged Taylor,


Some welcome!

IT was nice to see so many locals enjoying their traditional New Year’s Day constitutional on Roker seafront.

 What a pity that the two car parks were locked all morning and into the early afternoon and drivers from out of town were turning around and heading elsewhere.

 Fortunately, one of the staff from the Resorts Office – the very office which the council is considering closing – used his initiative and unlocked the gates, even though it was not his job to do.

 To add insult to injury, the toilets at the Cat and Dogs were closed.

 Welcome to Sunderland!

Margaret Alexander,

Fairlands West

Lack of sympathy

I SUFFERED a recent bereavement and reserved a room for friends and relations afterwards at the Wavendon Hotel, Grindon.

 I went to make the arrangements and was asked for a deposit of £56.

 After I arrived home I decided not to go ahead and I rang to cancel. This was six hours later and I was told that my deposit was forfeited.

 I was told the decision was the manager’s ruling.

 Surely, he would not have had many people wanting that room in the short time of six hours.

 All I can say to this person is that if he is in such need of money he is welcome to it.

 I might add that if he had made a refund, I would rather give it to charity than him.

Name and address supplied

End immigration

WE read day in and day out of the UK’s consternation about immigration and the overcrowding of our country.

 And yet, thanks to our rulers – the EU – the 29million people of Romania and Bulgaria will have the right to come and live here by the end of 2013.

 We need the referendum on in/out of the EU before this immigration to our country comes about.

 Many Tory voters are saying they will vote UKIP at the next election.

 This will ensure that Labour will win, the very people who caused this over-immigration.

 Is that what we want?

Mrs M Matthews,

Aiskell Street