Letters, Thursday, January 1, 2015

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It is time to vote these Tories out

SO now we know exactly what this Tory Government has in mind for our local council-run services if they regain power in the General Election.

 There’s nothing safe as it continues its ruthless attack on the vulnerable members of society.

 Never mind the warnings of severe hardship and the detrimental effects to the public, this heartless bunch of posh boys, who have no idea what it’s like to live in the real world, are determined to plough ahead with their persecution of the unemployed, disabled, elderly and, indeed, the low paid working class.

 There’s only one way to put an end to the persecution and that is to make sure that come the election they are voted out.

M Mcardle

Winning favour

IN his reply to my letter about breastfeeding in public, Mr R Tomlinson (December 27) quotes from the Bible “if your eye offends you pluck it out” – well, the Bible also says “women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control”.

 He also says breastfeeding is an act of love and compassion, but so is sex, which along with defecation is another thing you can’t do in public.

 Is Mr Tomlinson now advocating public sex acts? I rather think he’d be plucking out his eye with the rest of us ...

 “Where are my motherly instincts?” he goes on. I didn’t suggest that children should be left to starve, just that any breastfeeding should be done in private. I managed to raise a family of four without flaunting myself to all and sundry, why can’t other women?

 Mr Tomlinson claims he’s an advocate of breastfeeding in public, but I think his letter is more about trying to appear ‘a modern man’ and to win brownie points with the feminist agenda.

Margaret Wilkinson,


Thoughtless note

ON December 24, I escorted my wife to Monkwearmouth Hospital to keep her appointment.

 Having had cause to visit the hospital, I knew exactly where to attend the outpatients.

 Unfortunately, a notice on the door stated that the entrance was no longer in use, and that we must walk to the other end of the hospital to gain entry. Both my wife and I are in our mid 80s and this was not easy.

 We had to make enquiries to find our way in, only to find we had to walk all the way back to where we started.

 Whoever decided to enforce this action has no thought for the infirm or elderly.

W Capeling,


Wonderful care

MY grateful thanks to Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 To the doctors, nurses, tea staff, cleaners, water bearers, everyone in Ward 51, my best wishes.

 I was well looked after while in the hospital. The food was excellent, the service out of this world.

 I would also like to thank the paramedics, the nurse and doctor on Ward 44, which I was first admitted to when arrived at the hospital on Saturday, December 13.

 A Happy New Year to you all.

Mrs Beatrice Finbury