Letters, Thursday, February 7, 2013

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Proposed store must be mistake!

THE proposed building of an Aldi store on the current site of Croft House Sheltered Housing, Hall Farm, must be a mistake.

 How can the city council allow the building of a “factory unit” in a residential area?

 A leaflet through my door showed this “unit” superimposed on the site, and it just looks horrendous.

 If I applied for planning permission to build an extension, it would need to be befitting the surrounding area.

 Get your act together city council and have this thing built somewhere less prominent, or get it built to suit the area.

 Never mind all the additional traffic.

 Come on residents, stop this happening!

 One amazed Labour voting council taxpayer.

Gary N Trotter

Great service

HAVING watched North East News, it became apparent that our Ambulance service is coming in for some unfair criticism regarding response times etc.

 We may be lucky, but we cannot thank the staff of the ambulance service enough after our dad took bad on January 21.

 Even in the bad weather that we had been having, there was an ambulance arrived within 10 minutes and another five minutes after that.

 Unfortunately, my dad never pulled through despite the brilliant efforts of the ambulance staff.

 It’s so easy to criticise but we, as a family, can’t thank the service enough.

 We have an ambulance service we all should be thankful of.

Mr C Henderson,


Deficit is rising

I’M sure Mary Metcalfe was not deliberately fictitious in her recent letter when she said “W Quinn was at it again” and that I wore rose-tinted glasses, regarding the comment I made about Labour leaving this Government a growing economy.

 I thought all local Tory apologists acknowledged this fact.

 Mary obviously doesn’t.

 Before making any more miscalculations, she should listen to leading economist David Blanchflower who said: “The economy the Coalition inherited from Labour was growing nicely. It grew from the third quarter of 2009 to the same quarter in 2010 by 2.7 per cent.”

 Blanchflower went on to say the Prime Minster lied in a party political broadcast when he falsely claimed debt was falling, when it was actually rising.

 He added that over the last 12 months the deficit was up, not down as Cameron claimed.

W Quinn,


Thanks for bag

I WOULD like to thank the lady who handed in my handbag at Morrison’s supermarket on Thursday, January 31.

 As she did not leave her name, I cannot thank her personally.

 Her honesty is greatly appreciated.

 Thanks again.

Mrs C Baillie,


South Hylton

You are amazing

TWENTY-FIVE years ago I leapt on to your TV screens with a big Red Nose on my face and asked you to part with your hard earned cash to help some people in Africa you’d never met.

 Much to my amazement and delight, you did!

 The first ever Red Nose Day raised an impressive £15million pounds, thanks to you fine folk sitting on your sofas in the North East.

 Over the years Red Nose Day has raised an extraordinary £600million to help fund some amazing projects in Africa, but also right here on your doorstep in the UK.

 From young carers to women experiencing domestic violence, from older people living in isolation to families living in extreme poverty – a real difference has been made.

 And these are just some of the many ways your money has helped change lives.

 A “mahoosive” thank you to the people of the North East – keep up the good work!

Lenny Henry

Comic Relief

Stop city decline

MIDDLESBOROUGH Mayor Ray Mallon is proposing two hours’ free parking in the town’s council-owned car parks to attract shoppers back into the town centre.

 Would Sunderland City Council consider a similar move in a bid to bring shoppers back to Sunderland City Centre, which at present, it has to be said, is in steady decline?

Ian Humphries

A simple choice

NOW there is a clearer choice emerging.

 Vote Conservative and you will get a vote on the UK’s status in the European Union. Vote Labour, or let Labour in by voting UKIP, and you will not.

 The choice is simple.

Alan Wright,

High Barnes