Letters, Thursday, February 5, 2014

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Old figures make for ‘weak’ point

IN his response to George Howe’s earlier letter, W Quinn’s letter “Tories have done little for the NHS” is fairly weak (January 23).

 He quotes figures on numbers of nurses for 2012. Why quote figures that are three years out of date? Perhaps because the figures fit his argument better?

 Current figures show there are more than 8,000 doctors, 1,500 midwives and 6,000 nurses in the NHS than in 2010.

 Perhaps like Ed Miliband the writer wants to “weaponise” the NHS.

 If Mr Quinn wants to look at old data he should look into the report on the Mid Staffs NHS Trust and it’s shocking high death rates under Labour. The then Labour Health Secretary refused on 81 occasions to hold inquiries into the problems – party before patients?

 Take a look at the NHS under Labour. In Wales where the NHS is run by the Welsh Labour Assembly who have just cut the NHS budgets and performances are appalling.

 This Conservative-led Government has increased spending in the NHS unlike Labour in Wales.

Alan Wright

High Barnes

Acts of kindness make world better

I AM sure everyone will have been angry and touched by the story of frail, partially sighted, disabled pensioner Alan Barnes, from Gateshead.

 I am sure everyone who heard about this despicable crime will also feel touched by the amazing kindness shown from not only local people, but nationally, and worldwide who have donated money to help Alan move to another house where he will feel safe, after not wanting to go back to his own house through fear.

 At the last count more than £200,000 had been raised.

 The remarkable Katie Cutler, who read about the mugging, and started the fund for Alan, is an amazing young lady.

 Clearly upset by the mugging of this frail pensioner, she went out of her way to help Alan.

 Katy is an amazing person who has restored our faith in human nature along with all the people from around the world who donated to the fund. Even businessmen have offered to kit out Alan’s new house with a new kitchen and bathroom – plumbers, electricians, carpet fitters, and a baker who is going to bake him a huge cake.

 Every single person should be proud of themselves for showing that there are more people in this world who can show acts of kindness, than commit acts of evil.

 I have always said that if everyone in this world just helped their local neighbours with acts of kindness, when they really need help, then the world would be a better place to live in.

 My message to everyone is go out and help someone tomorrow, and show an act of kindness.

 You will not only cheer your neighbour up, but you will also feel that much better for helping that person in need!

Clive Lee