Letters, Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

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If everyone wins, everyone loses

STEVE Colborn (January 11) states the Socialist Party was formed in 1904. This is an example of fools persisting in their folly for over 100 years, for Socialism does not divide up to very much for anyone.

It’s rather like those con men who claim they can provide the numbers for the Lottery. They can’t, and even if they could it would be pointless, for if everyone wins the Lottery, everyone will lose the Lottery. The Lottery only pays out 50 per cent of what it takes in, so if everyone wins they will have spent £1 but will only get 50p back.

Those sort of Lottery odds are the same in all walks of life. The equal distribution of anything will be at a low level.

Steve Colborn also states that history is one of change. In that he is right. Change is the only constant factor in existence. But Mother Nature is neutral, a conservative, not a revolutionary. Practically all revolutions and radicals create more problems than they solve.

In my opinion one of the best acts in English history was when Oliver Cromwell died and the monarchy was restored and England went back to progress by political evolution.

Most of the present day discontents stem from the fact that politicians have failed to act upon the logic of the fact that when any state becomes independent or devolved from England we will be equally independent and devolved from these states.

The welfare of Irish tourists, for example, is Dublin’s responsibility, not ours. Westminster should not absolve other governments of the welfare of their own citizens.

Any devolution in Scotland should be treated as elsewhere. It’s totally unjustifiable that 20million English people are being impoverished to subsidise five million Scots to enjoy a better average standard of living. Scottish colleges have English students there. Well, one simple solution to the funding of English students here is to deduct that cost from the excessive subsidy to the rest of the UK including in that deduction the cost of house rental and education of those Scots, Welsh and Ulstermen living in England.

Although poor myself, I’m all in favour of there being some millionaires and even billionaires too, mainly because everyone can’t be rich and successful, but that doesn’t mean that nobody should be rich and successful.

A civilised society owes all its citizens a decent provision, but it can only provide that in a stable society and the best way to ensure that is not to penalise those who are successful in any field of legitimate business.

Joseph Young, Alexander Terrace, Fulwell, Sunderland

Sackings a joke

THE Sky sackings of Keys and Gray are a joke, just like Keys and Gray have said.

Let me ask a question to the football men on Wearside. Have they ever made a joke about women in football?

If they are honest, they will say yes.

Does it not seem strange that the sackings of these two coincide with Andy Gray suing the News of the World about phone hacking, and guess who owns Sky and the News of the World? Yes, R, Murdoch (strange that).

Also, it is well known that Sky have been trying to promote J. Rednapp for the past two years. I say again, they have spoken about women in football exactly like every man in football has for years.

Also, I would love to see the results if the Echo asked women on Wearside if they knew the offside rule. It would be interesting to see the result.

By the way, I asked my lass the same question about the offside rule and she didn’t know.

We are both season ticket holders for Glasgow Rangers FC and we travel every week to Scotland.

Scott Andrews, Wilkinson Terrace, Ryhope, Sunderland

Ex-service charity

TO add to ex-service charities SSAFA, Royal British Legion, Help For Heroes, Support Our Soliders, Care for Casualties, Army for Angels, Norcare, we now have Mr Richie Fox’s Homeless Heroes, based in the Peterlee area, and launched in October last year, dealing with comrades in housing and employment.

Before the May elections Kevan Jones MP, then Minister of Veterans, and my MP Sharon Hodgson did inform us that the Labour Government intended to distribute two million ID cards for earlier access to housing and health services. The Coalition Government then absorbed this idea into the National ID Card proposals, without much publicity. Now this ID card has also been dropped, no doubt Homeless Heroes is raking up the problems, mainly of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Maybe we will need more projects like Homeless Heroes, before our troops are withdrawn from these two conflicts. We may need more publicity in the years ahead, than football news.

Bill Craddock, Veteran

Team performance

I FULLY agree with SAFC Supporter (January 25). It is strange we play poorly against mediocre teams like Newcastle but are brilliant against super teams like Chelsea (although personally I think our rivals raise their game against us because it is their cup final).

Still, it is good to know we are surging towards Europe while the Magpies are heading for mid-table mediocrity.

Andy Gilby, Felstead Crescent, Ford Estate, Sunderland

Charity knitters

IN reply to Mick “The Pen” Brown’s letter (January 22) about knitters. I am part of a group of ladies who do knitting and crafts for charity. We knit garments and make items which we sell and the with proceeds, we give the money to charities.

We’ve given money to St Benedict’s Hospice, the Grace House Appeal, the neonatal unit. We supply knitted garments to the neonatal unit, eg. cardigans and hats.

We’ve also given scarves, hats and mits to a charity in Middlesbrough and we would really like to ask Mick The Pen if he has a hobby and how much money he has made with his hobby for various charities like we have done.

Anne Smith, Sunderland

British pride

WHY are we British sitting back and taking all of this hypocrisy from the Government. What happened to the “Proud To Be British” slogan?

My father and mother fought in the Second World Ward for freedom of speech and liberty. They would turn in their graves at what is becoming of our country.

My father worked in the mines. Here’s an easy formula: open up the mines (we are coal rich) and sell it abroad. Bring back the shipyards, bring back British steel.

Send those who want to fight on our streets over to Iraq. Let them fight for their country. Let’s look after our older generation, they have all the wisdom. Let’s sit up and listen to what they have to say.

So leave us alone, Mr David Cameron and Mr Nick Clegg. We are willing to labour so you support us and our country, as we have supported you over the years and best of British to all.

Housewife/mother, Washington

Savers suffer

SAVERS have been the big losers of Government financial policy over the past few years. Ever since Blair/Brown came to power, the cry for low interest rates has been the mantra. Of course, banks used that as an excuse to drop interest rates lower than the Bank of England’s – and failed to inform their customers.

Then along came the world economic crisis. Everyone had to be protected – employers, homeowners – all except savers, usually old people whose only sin was to be prudent with their money.

Just as we are anticipating higher interest rates this year, Mervyn King says the economy hasn’t grown enough and the poor saver can go and whistle. But what if inflation continues to rise?

Messrs Cameron and Osborne have betrayed many of their own supporters. They must have contempt for the little people who voted for them.

Savers of the world unite. Join the council workers, fuel protesters and students on the streets.

William Crane, Langley Close, Washington

Get a life!

TO the so-called gentleman who seems to “need” to pass the sports centre, morning to night, commenting on ladies exercising to music to keep fit, I find it strange that he cannot understand the benefits of staying fit, or that an instructor has to yell with encouragement to help these ladies.

Only a man could not see the difference at home yelling to a gym instruction. To call it a dubious privilege, I suspect this person does no exercising whatsoever and thus doesn’t seem to like anyone else doing it.

The fact he seems to “hang around” to find out what these ladies do after class (which is none of his business) makes me think he has too much time on his hands or no job.

Perhaps he could get a job or life himself and let others do the same.

If not, walk somewhere else – morning to night!

Angela Men.r.dum

Kind customers

A MASSIVE thank-you to the customers at Morrison’s at Seaburn on Saturday, January 29, when I was collecting for Grace House.

Through your generosity I was privileged to hand over the fantastic sum of £385.72 on your behalf. That is the highest sum I have received in a single day.

At the risk of repeating myself, the sheer generosity of North East folk never fails to amaze me.

May I remind everyone of the website set up to help me raise funds by doing a tandem parachute jump on April Fool’s’ Day. The website is www.justgiving.com/jeff-coxon ... if anyone has the odd pound left after the expense of Christmas.

Many, many thanks.

Jeff Coxon, Lawnside, Seaham

Hurtful claim

I AM writing in about Elizabeth Dunn, your disability lady, the one in the wheelchair. She will soon be singing on stage in St Andrew’s performance of Iolanthe and will sing with great skill and enthusiasm.

St Andrew’s Society has always been very good to Elizabeth by giving her somewhere to sit on the stage as her legs and feet don’t work very well, and she always sits in their concerts too.

Imagine my disgust as one of the Society’s and Elizabeth’s many supporters to hear that a while ago somebody reported her as a benefit cheat who can dance around the stage when she wants to (I’ve never seen her dance) despite seemingly being wheelchair-bound at all times.

I’ve spoke to other members who said that it is a great effort for Elizabeth to appear on stage and she needs to take a lot of tablets just to be there.

I’m sure this is very hurtful to a popular and positive lady who is just trying her best to enjoy life, with all its problems.

Lesley Bankston, St Andrew’s Supporter, Fulwell