Letters, Thursday, February 28, 2013

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We don’t need a new bingo hall

WITH reference to the article on Monday, January 28, regarding the proposed plans to build a bingo hall on the disused reservoir land on Leechmere Road, Grangetown.

 I read, not with interest, but with disbelief that the council would even consider allowing the plans to be submitted.

 I would like to know when, and how many residents were informed as I live not too far away from the proposed site and this is the first I’d heard of it.

 My main concern is the flow of traffic, not only on Leechmere Road but also the Toll Bar Road, which are both bad enough at any time of day.

 Mr Cronin, from Edward Thomson, seems to think that because local companies would be used for the construction that this would compensate for the eyesore it would be among two residential estates on either side of it.

 At least when the Gala and Mecca bingo halls were built they were constructed away from residential areas.

 If he is not familiar with the area he will have no idea how much this will impact on the build-up of traffic.

 How can Mr Cronin say it will be a good regeneration opportunity?

 A good regeneration project suggests to me something that’s built with input from the community. Perhaps he would like it built on his doorstep, although somehow I don’t think he would.

 I think he should take his plans and good ideas and build more bingo halls in Florida and South Africa because we already have sufficient gambling establishments, thank you.

 It is now up to residents to get together to prevent this from happening.

Name and address supplied

Overhaul overdue

I WAS reading with interest the article in the Echo regarding child poverty in Sunderland, and was amazed that it stated a parent with two children would struggle on benefits of £349 per week.

 I couldn’t believe my eyes, especially as a person in full-time employment, I could only dream of such an income.

 I imagine the article made a lot of people who work fume with anger.

 How on earth could they not manage on such an income, especially as they would be paying very little rent, no council tax and get free meals and who knows what at the taxpayers’ expense.

 If they are in poverty, it must be because parents are squandering the money.

 The people who are in poverty are people who earn very little and have to pay for everything, and pensioners who have worked all their lives, who would love such an income.

 No wonder some unemployed people can afford wide screen tellies – workers can’t. No I haven’t been looking in people’s windows, but you can’t help but notice them when you pass on the bus.

 The overhaul of the benefits system is long overdue.

Unhappy taxpayer

Go Veggie month

IN light of the recent horsemeat scandal, it seems appropriate that March is Animal Aid’s annual veggie month.

 In the last few weeks a great deal of attention has been given to the labelling of meat products and their possible contamination with potentially health threatening horse drugs.

 However, little has been said about the welfare of the animals who died to produce this meat.

 Throughout Europe cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and horses are routinely transported hundreds of miles across borders, crammed into suffocating trucks with no access to food or water only to be killed at the end of their journey.

 The flesh is stripped from their bones, much of it processed into huge, frozen cubes, and then traded across the continent before being mixed into cheap burgers and mince.

 Anyone wishing to adopt a meat-free diet can request a free ‘Go Veggie’ pack from Animal Aid by calling 01732 364546 or by sending an email to info@animalaid.org.uk

Ben Martin,

Animal Aid

City is doing well

IN Dominic McDonough’s recent rant against the council, he remarked “private enterprise with the minimum of council involvement has created tens of thousands of jobs”.

 This statement gave me the impression Dominic was ignorant of the long-standing relationship between the council and big business, which helped to bring Nissan and others to Sunderland.

 This is a well known fact to those that are really interested in the city’s welfare, and the council’s success was again highlighted in a recent report on the subject.

 The Municipal Journal, in conjunction with a research consultancy, ranks Sunderland as the best city in England in the Environment and Infrastructure category, which covers commercial floor space, connectivity and cost base.

 The Centre of Cities Outlook report praised Sunderland’s economy and the way in which the city is recovering from the recession faster than many others.

 The report highlights the way in which the city council has worked with both the public and private sector to support business.

 In recognition of the council’s endeavour in this area, the Government (who Mr McDonough supports) has announced that Sunderland receive sweeping new powers under the City Deals programme.

W Quinn,


Pupils will suffer

REGARDING the articles in the Echo over the last two weeks on obese kids and teachers losing their jobs, I have a son at Southmoor School and another due to go there in two years time.

 It is understood that the head, Dr Ingram, had to release some teachers in order to meet the new EBAC exams which were to replace GCSEs.

 However, the Government has made a U-turn on this and is keeping GCSEs, but these teachers (IT, PE and drama) are still losing their jobs and the kids will suffer.

 At the moment pupils have one hour and 40 minutes per week of PE, because of the cuts this will be reduced to 30 minutes per week.

 If the Government can change its mind, why can’t Dr Ingram change his and give the teachers their jobs back?

 Is this encouraging a healthy lifestyle and reducing obesity among kids.

 My son wanted to take PE as GCSE subject but he can’t because of the cuts.

 Will the rugby, football and athletics teams be next to be cut?

 We wait with interest.

Concerned parent

Medal mystery

I HAVE a football medal engraved with S & D C, Eye Infirmary Cup, runners-up, 1908-9.

 If anyone has any information regarding this medal, I would be delighted to hear from them at kibbo1958@gmail.com.

David Kibble,