Letters, Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Action needed over parking grid-lock

AFTER reading stories regarding inconsiderate parking outside schools, we must put pen to paper. While we sympathise greatly with the residents in your stories, our problems, which have gone on for years, are decidedly worse and dangerous.

Westlea Primary School in Seaham is situated at the top of a cul-de-sac at the end of our street of 20 houses, which is the only vehicle entrance, an extremely narrow road. At least four times a day our street is grid- locked with parents parking inconsiderately.

To make matters worse, some parents even drive into the school grounds to drop children off. This is bad enough during school time, but this school is open nearly every night, sometimes until 9pm. It is sometimes open on a Saturday and Sunday. Sunday, we thought, was a day of rest – not if you live in Winslow Crescent it isn’t.

The speed that some of the parents drive into the street is ridiculous and dangerous, an accident waiting to happen. There have been a few near misses. It’s not only parents, but also delivery drivers in large trucks driving in and out, any time of the day.

In your stories we note that the head and teachers, also local councillors, are trying their utmost to alleviate the problems. It’s a great pity our local councillors and Durham City Council don’t do the same.

After a meeting in the summer with all the residents, we were fobbed off with a few yellow lines outside the school entrance, which does not in any way alleviate the problem. In fact, the yellow lines are totally ignored by some parents.

Maybe if one of our councillors moved into Winslow Crescent, the horrendous problem we have to live with every day would be sorted. But as usual with councils and councillors, they bury their heads in the sand, hoping the problem will go away. The children who live in the street can’t walk or play safety. It is an absolute disgrace that not enough is being done.

Residents of Winslow Crescent

Wonderful help

I AM writing to you about the wonderful help I received at Bunny Hill Drop-in Centre.

I have considerable breathing difficulties, and a chest infection could have dire consequences for me. Recognising one was developing, and being unable to see my GP for some time, I arrived there at 11am.

Although very busy, nothing was too much trouble for the staff. I was given a thorough check-up, treatment to ease my conditon and medication (although the pharmacy was closed) to save me seeking out a chemist. All this in just under two hours. Fantastic! I am so grateful.

Paul Collins

Brown’s to blame

E. ROYAL’S claim that Gordon Brown rescued the country from financial collapse is surely some sort of joke.

Is this the same Gordon Brown who sold much of our gold reserves for a pittance, plundered private pensions, and financed not one, but two, illegal wars?

Wasn’t he also responsible for giving the financial institutions free rein to do as they pleased, thus contributing to the present mess we now find ourselves in?

Instead of investing the extra revenue raised during the so-called “boom years”, Mr Brown squandered it all and then borrowed even more. Now, when his reckless policies have unravelled, E. Royal and his socialist ilk do what they do best – pin the blame on everyone else.

The truth is we no longer live in a capitalist society, but rather a corporate one, a society which is illiberal, bigoted and largely serves the needs of a privileged elite and minority interests, all thanks to Labour.

M. Brown, Hendon Road, Sunderland

Double standards

I FEEL compelled to write this letter in disgust at the double standards in this country, re. the story about the Asian youth given the suspended sentence after thrusting a broken bottle into the head of a white man, who was also kicked and punched in the head by up to 30 Asians (Echo February 7).

I am certain if the roles were revered it would be deemed racist and custodial sentences would have been handed out and rightly so.

I am in no way racist and have Asian friends, but it is no wonder the BNP is gaining support with this one-rule-for-one and one-for-another attitude of our so-called justice system.

W. Galey, Sunderland

Parking needed

WE went to the Aquatic Centre for a swim, but we could not get parked as the match was on and the stewards were out not letting people in without a ticket.

The Aquatic Centre should have its own car park. I asked a lady on the desk about it and she said it’s been like this for four years.

Why did the council build this with no parking facilities? They need to get something done about it – along with the Vaux site and the rest of the town.

Nicola MacDonald