Letters, Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Our city must be one the ‘greenest’

SO it’s official, our inept council has decided to remove yet more public facilities with the closure of Crowtree Leisure Centre.

 It has done so with some vague statement that the land will be used for redevelopment.

 The council has stated that there is nothing definite, but according to the spokesman, it could be, or maybe, or is a possibility.

 In the meantime, we will no doubt have the area landscaped in addition to the already landscaped Vaux site, giving us what is probably the greenest city centre in the country – no ice-rink, leisure pool, indoor bowling green but plenty of grass.

 No doubt in the months to come they will produce some artist’s impressions of the intended redevelopment – they are excellent at that.

 We had five in the Echo on Monday, February 11, for the seafront to compliment the dozens previously issued for the Holmeside development, iconic bridge, city square, Vaux site, etc.

 Not a brick laid but plenty of pretty pictures.

 Producing these must be the biggest growth industry in town along with the demolition companies. The council store must contain more artistic work than The National Gallery.

 I am a life-long Labour voter, now advancing in years, but no longer.

 How this council can preside over the destruction and decay of our city and not feel shame is beyond me.

 The decline of our city can be measured in decades so any attempt to blame the current recession would be misleading.

 I bet the short-sighted policies do not extend to projecting next month’s personal expenses, or the provision of council-provided bottled water.

 Come the next local elections these amateurs along with the “executives” (some of whom don’t live in the city apparently) will still be in power.

 If so, we deserve all we get.



School listens

A LETTER writer recently reported an unfavourable experience involving Houghton Kepier pupils and snowballs, and the reaction of school staff.

 I am disappointed to hear that, and I do have to say that my experience has been completely different.

 Over the years I have made one or two complaints, but I have always been listened to.

 Only last spring I spoke to one of the deputy heads about pupils trampling through the daffodil displays on the grassed areas in Dairy Lane (not far from Greenwood Avenue where the snowball incident took place).

 He assured me that they do expect the pupils to have respect for property and people in the area, and will take to task any who do not follow good standards of behaviour en route to and from school.

 What is more they also have regular discussions with the police who also talk to the pupils from time to time.

 I have no doubt that the message was delivered in school last year because there was no further damage to the flowers after I visited the school.

 I think we should take care not to condemn the whole school because of the actions of a very small minority.

 I shall not hesitate to report unacceptable behaviour in future, confident in the knowledge that the problem will be addressed.

Ken Moore,


No help for Harry

IN his letter regarding Prince Harry in Afghanistan, Ged Taylor has to be one of the most bigoted, anti-royal people in the county.

 Our grandson served on the frontline in Afghanistan, across the valley from Prince Harry.

 Everyone going to Afghanistan, whether they be armed forces or civilian, know their lives are at risk.

 Mortars, bullets and, the one that has taken the most lives and caused massive injuries, the IED/land mine do not discriminate.

 The thought did cross the minds of all the families – would Prince Harry being there make the risk greater for everyone around him? But you learn that luck has a lot to do with survival.

 Harry could not be protected by any outside agency while flying.

 The helicopter crews provide air cover to troops under heavy attack, lifting casualties out and flying supplies in – all at the risk of being blown out of the sky.

 The Royal family would have grieved as much any other family if he had been killed or badly wounded.

 Thankfully our grandson and Prince Harry returned home safe and well.

 I wish it could have been the same for all of them, but that’s war.

Name and address supplied

Little sympathy

WHY all the fuss over Gazza?

 He is a drunk and a wife beater who has a self-inflicted “illness”.

 My sympathy lies with people who have illnesses that are no fault of their own.

John Watson,