Letters, Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Older people have earnt pensions

DOES Jude Kirton Darling want pensioners and the ageing population to hang their heads in shame for being a burden on the ever-decreasing number of working taxpayers.

 Pensioners, who have reached the utopia of retirement with a decent pension, will find the taxman still waiting with his hand out just as he does for the working population.

 Let’s not forget, these pensioners have paid taxes, national insurance and pension contributions to receive their pension in the first place.

 JKD signs off as a prospective Labour Candidate of the European Team. We pensioners know exactly the contribution to the country’s wealth politicians make and how much they produce as a contribution.

 Many of today’s politicians have never had a proper job.

 Furthermore, if these politicians keep raising the state pension age, pensioners will be rarer than whales.

 There is another solution – compulsory euthanasia at 65 and the job is sorted.

 Finally, just a little snippet of information, in return for underwriting the miners’ pension scheme, Baroness Thatcher took millions yearly for the service. Guess what? Successive governments, including Labour, are still taking millions from this fund.

 And just to even the score, Gordon Brown’s raid on pensions made sure we are not the burden suggested, but we all know who is.

David Patterson,

Fence Houses

Place for The Street

LIKE Mick Brown (definitely no relation), I prefer the history channel to the soaps, although I confess to a certain predilection for Coronation Street.

 Mr Brown is in error implying that Coronation Street is watched only by people with “nothing better to do”. Personally, richly imbued with the delights of Shakespeare (Marlowe, Webster, et al), and the profundity of Euripides, Aeschylus and Sophocles, I am an unashamed devotee of The Street.

 Recently, I watched that programme before switching over to the radio to listen to Jack Brymer (educated at South Shields High School) playing Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet.

 Life without music would indeed be a mistake; without Mozart it would be absurd, but I remember Elise Tanner and her wayward son Dennis (now back with us), Annie Walker, Ena Sharples, not to mention Norris, with unalloyed and lasting affection.

George E Brown

A heck of a mess

I HAVE been listening to the news and reading in the papers about the lady in Willington who was evicted from the farm where she was running an animal sanctuary.

 She had 342 animals and run up a £25,000 debt with the mortgage company.

 I remember it was only a couple of years back that she was in this very paper photographed with a man from Sunderland who had given her his £17,000 retirement money.

 I am not against sanctuaries as there is lots of cruelty. What I think should happen is that they should go out to work and take in only what they can afford to keep.

 Many people would like to live on a farm and have others paying for it.

 The grandson had the computer on, and he said: “Granda, that woman has been sent £38,000 in two days, but now she wants £50,000.”

 There is another man running a sanctuary down the country, and he has agreed to take every one of the 342 animals so that none has to be put down.

 Surely, if this woman is as big on religion as she is making out, she should hand over every penny to him. He’s got her out of one heck of a mess.