Letters, Thursday, December 4, 2014

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NHS is not safe in anyone’s hands

I FEEL that I have to respond to the letter (November 24) from Keith O’Brien in which he asserts that the NHS is not safe in Labour hands and, more shockingly, seems to be of the view that it is safe in the hands of the Coalition/Conservatives.

 He appears to base his premise on the fact that Labour introduced privatisation into the NHS in the early 2000s – hogwash say I.

 Just because a little privatisation (none-core services) was introduced some years ago does not mean that wholesale privatisation of the NHS now and in the near future is acceptable.

 The NHS is not safe in Tory hands and, certainly, David Cameron cannot be trusted.

 Remember before the 2010 election that he said there would be no wholesale re-organisation of the NHS under his watch, and yet, in no time at all, following the election he set about the major re-organisation of the NHS that is at the root cause of the problems the NHS is faced with today.

 Not only was Mr Cameron’s promise a lie, re-organisation and further privatisation of the NHS wasn’t in the Conservative manifesto so none of us voted for it but the Tories, assisted by their Lib-Dem co-conspirators, set about top-down changes nonetheless.

 Don’t think the NHS is safe in UKIP hands either. Its stance on the NHS is quite clear, it wants total privatisation followed by payment for treatment and everyone expected to have health insurance.

Rod Hepplewhite,

Hastings Hill

A wonderful city

I AM a retired high school teacher from Quebec, Canada, and have recently visited your wonderful city as I conducted some research into my late mother’s early years.

 She emigrated to Canada after the end of the Second World War having spent her early years in Sunderland.

 It was a fantastic experience to spend time in your city and to get the chance to see some of the places that my mother recalled from her childhood.

 The people of Sunderland are a credit to their city, and I was overwhelmed with the hospitality that was shown to me and I was grateful to have the opportunity to dip into my past.

 I am already planning my return to the North East and I am hoping to bring some more of my family along next year to explore the area.

Johnnie Wánger,

Quebec, Canada

Stop the homes

ONCE again the residents of Houghton are informed that they are to lose yet another expanse of countryside in order that 250 private homes can be built.

 We are promised a consultation where the fears and or objections of local people will be listened to and acted upon.

 Then no doubt, as in the past, they will go ahead and build the houses regardless of objections.

 As a life-long resident of the town, I say enough is enough. It’s time to stand up to the council planners and house builders.

 I urge anyone who is opposed to the over saturation of our town to voice their concerns, to contact their local councillors and member of parliament and tell them enough is enough.

 We have to make a stand and we have to make it now.

M Mcardle