Letters, Thursday, December 20

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Parking fine is big loser for retail park

FOR years my wife and myself have used Pallion Retail Park.

 However, on Monday we received a fine of £100, reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days, for parking outside the bays.

 There were no yellow lines or any road markings to inform us that we should not park there.  

 As we were one of many cars, it seems that other motorists were of the same opinion.

 As customers of the Retail Park we feel badly treated. While it may have gained £60, it has lost our trade forever, which makes it, in our case, the overall loser. as I am sure it would have gained more than £60 profit in the next few weeks alone.

Stan Adie

Many thanks for your sponsorship

MY sincere thanks to everyone who supported me in my recent Spectracular Challenge, to cover 10 miles in my Spectra Plus powered wheelchair.

 Thanks to the generosity of those who gave sponsorship and donations, and those who gave their time to join me on the three sponsored events – the magnificent sum of £1,100 was raised.

 This was divided equally between the Volunteer Centre Sunderland and the British Heart Foundation, Sunderland branch, each receiving £550.

 Two of the walks were in Sunderland parks – Barnes Park and Herrington Country Park – and for the third, we took part in the British Heart Foundation’s Seaburn Stroll event.

 Thank you to everyone who helped. Without you, we could not have passed on such an impressive amount to these groups, who will use it to further their valuable work.

Lynn Mearns

East Herrington

Christmas party a great success

FULWELL Ward Councillors would like to thank Fulwell Club and the Fulwell Community Association for their help in continuing the Neighbourhood Watch Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 12.

 Due to their sterling efforts the party was a great success having attracted upwards of two hundred residents to the annual Christmas get-together.

 Food was supplied by a local Sea Road caterer and supported by the chairman, Billy Angus, and members of the Fulwell Club.

 Thanks are also due to Connie Bulmer and officers of Fulwell Community Association for providing the ‘back office’ support without which the event would have not taken place.

 Funding for this annual event was provided by the Community Chest Fund. The organisers would also like to thank all the local businesses and private individuals for providing the magnificent number of raffle prizes that were donated. The afternoon was an outstanding success.

Councillor George Howe

Councillor John Wiper

Councillor Bob Francis

Act of kindness from a n-ice lady

MY granddaughter and her two friends were at the Royalty Theatre’s pantomime with their Brownie group on Tuesday, December 11.

 They had been told that ice creams were £1 so this is what they all had.

 Unfortunately they actually cost £1.50 so being very resourceful eight-year-olds they decided to pool their money and buy two ice creams to share between the 3 of them.

 The lady behind them overheard their plans and gave 50p to all 3 girls so they could have one each.

 On behalf of Lucy, Gabby and Sam may I thank this lady for her kindness.

 The girls really appreciated her generosity. Thank you once again from a very grateful Grandma

Mrs S Gibson


Pay players more to help them win?

I READ with interest the letter from Chris Lawson about SAFC wanting £100 per person to attend the 40th anniversary dinner at the Stadium of Light.

 Greedy people were mentioned at the end of the letter. Players themselves are on more pay per week than the average man earns in a year, but they are obviously not earning enough for victory.

 Perhaps a little more might make them want to beat other teams, perhaps as little as £10,000 per week? Greedy lot, the whole lot of them. They will not get a penny of my hard earned cash. Thoughts please!

S Wiper

Balls should mind his criticism

I AM sick and tired of Ed Balls criticising George Osborne for trying his best to get us out of a mess Labour got us into in the first place.

 Gordon Brown also had a go at raiding the miners’ pension fund, not only the private sector fund.  

 I know that because my husband worked at Wearmouth Colliery until it closed. W Quinn please take note.

M Metcalfe

East Herrington