Letters, Thursday, August 9th, 2012

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THANK you to those who supported us

May we please say a massive “thank-you” to all the people and businesses in Hetton and surrounding areas who have been supporting us in our campaign against Sunderland City Council’s cabinet decision of February 2011, to enter into the Option and Lease Agreement with Partnership for Renewables (PfR) to erect two wind turbines in Hetton Lyons Country Park and a further one near Tunstall Hills.

In the face of a lack of support by Hetton Town Councillors, we had to turn detective and proactively establish the facts for ourselves and commence a campaign against the proposals.

We embarked on a tremendous amount of research, leafleting and campaigning for support from national organisations, members of which use the country park and who could potentially be affected.

We encouraged them to raise their concerns with Sunderland City Council, as they too had not been consulted prior to the decision.

We are disappointed that our MP, Bridget Phillipson, failed to support us, unlike Julie Elliott, the MP whose constituency covers Tunstall Hills, who actively supported opposition to the cabinet decision.

In the last week we have heard that the deputy chief executive has supported a review that was presented.

This review concluded that the city council should not proceed with the option agreement with PfR for both Hetton Lyons Country Park and the other identified site on Tunstall Hills.

The review found that the consequences of the proposals are far greater than any financial benefit.

We still need your support until Sunderland City Council decides which way to terminate the project proposals and make a formal announcement, so please keep your posters up for the moment.

Let’s hope both Hetton Town Council and Sunderland City Council realise residents need to be consulted and their views taken into account before controversial schemes involving leases of public amenities are signed.

Had greater care and diligence been afforded prior to the February 2011 cabinet decision, Sunderland City Council would not now be looking at ways of terminating their contractual arrangements with PfR and residents’/council taxpayers’ time and money would have been saved.

Shirley Carr

John Defty

Ralph Foster

Kay Rowham

Linda Welsh

Arrogant council

ONCE again, the arrogance of this Labour council goes against the people’s wishes and what they want where they live.

 It seems we are going to have a mosque after all, regardless of what the people of Millfield and many other people from all over Sunderland think.

 Letters and signatures mean nothing to this we-will-do-what-we-want council.

 Leader Paul Watson says we need to decide on the facts. They were probably decided long before this meeting took place, as usual.

 Phil Pike, from Millfield, branded the decision “scandalous”, as he wasted two hours of his time. Knowing this council, he should have stayed at home. Come election time, voters can strike back and send this arrogant lot packing.

 With the Conservative and the Lib Dem pact, we were starting to see Sunderland move forward. Government grants and money for the new bridge and new roadway. Even the Vaux site is looking good.

 What we want to know next is what Coun Watson’s master plan is for our seafront.

 When it comes to decision making and planning, this council hasn’t a clue.

D. J. Wright,

Appleby Terrace,


Faultless Queen

I AM confused. Does the fact the Queen have German blood in her veins mean that in some funny way she is responsible for the start of the First World War?

If that is so, then having a Norwegian great-grandfather, makes me responsible for the shooting of those youngsters by Anders Breivik.

My Auntie Mag had an Irish window cleaner, so she should have something to do with what happened in Ireland in the 60s and 70s. It could also be said that anyone with a boat who chugs about the coast and harbour could very well be in league with the Somali pirates.

 I wish these people would “get real”’, as our friends 3,000 miles west of Lands End say. The Royal Family is part of our heritage, and long may it be so.

Thousands come over here not just to see if they can spot any of the royals, but to just be in the same country as them.

As for Prince Charles being “incompetent”, the person who said that must know him pretty well to form that opinion.

I am only a common or garden pensioner who lives in a nice Gentoo bungalow, paying full rent, having worked all my life and paid all my taxes and I still don’t think I have the authority to say that about anybody.

It must take a pretty conceited, bitter person to do so.

Anyone who doesn’t like their life, change it. Go and live abroad.

Arthur E. Steel,

Phoenix Road,


Clown’s tears of joy

YET again I wish to acknowledge readers’ generosity in the period July 14 to 28, when they gave more than £1,800 to Grace House via that clown who collects for them.

 On Saturday, July 14, an excellent £437 was collected at Sainsbury’s, in Washington, followed by £141 at Sainsbury’s, in Gilesgate, on Friday, July 20. Then at Sainsbury’s, in Fulwell, on Saturday, July 21 and 22, a heartwarming £342 was donated.

These three Sainsbury’s stores have adopted Grace House as their chosen charity for the next year, so if you see that clown on his monthly visits, please be generous.

 Finally, on Friday, July 27, and Saturday, July 28, the customers at Morrison’s, in Seaburn, were their usual generous selves and gave £880.

 The clown has this weekend off. He then has collections arranged for every Saturday, and most Fridays, until the end of the year.

 In the first seven months of 2012, you have raised more than £13,440 and you are on 
target to raise approximately £23,000 in the full year.

 Thank you seems so inadequate.

However, I know that everyone at Grace House is so very grateful to you all.

When Grace House opens later this year, the running costs will be more than £1.5million a year.

Your continuing generosity would be greatly appreciated.

We must help these children and their families.

Jeff Coxon,