Letters, Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Easy steps to stop the gulls

Whenever wild animals or birds trouble us humans, there follows the inevitable cries of ‘cull them’.

 Every summer millions of people flock to the coast where many gulls live. Despite warning notices, some visitors insist on feeding them, while others seem to find it impossible to place their leftovers in a bin.

 The holiday period coincides with the birds’ breeding season and, being fierce defenders of their offspring, the birds will occasionally be aggressive – for a few weeks a year – to those they consider too close to their nests or young.

 The fact is, there are simple, inexpensive and non-lethal methods that can be used to deter birds from nesting on flat roofs or chimneys, or from rummaging in our rubbish.

 We have free factsheets available on deterring gulls and a number of other species. Otherwise we should show tolerance through the breeding season, not least because they are just being good parents, and six of the seven gull species are in decline.

 Numbers of coastal gull species are dropping partly because we humans are stealing their fish. It would be a shame if we slaughtered them because they steal a few of our chips!

John Bryant,

Wildlife Consultant

Animal Aid,

The Old Chapel,

Bradford Street,


Kent TN9 1AW

Let’s not be conned again

AS a person who is getting a bit long in the tooth, I thought I would put pen to paper to see if someone would explain to me three things that have puzzled me for a long time.

 Firstly, prior to going in the EU, our country traded with all our commonwealth countries for goods at a fair price.

 Suddenly it ceased and we were told to vote to go into the EU, but in doing so the British public were treated like mushrooms. They were kept in the dark and fed on manure.

  The vote meant we entered the EU and for this Edward Heath, who was Prime Minister at the time, was given (while standing on his yacht named Morning Glory) the sum of £10,000 – which puzzled me at the time.

 Secondly, after fighting two world wars, when lots of people gave their lives to keep this country free and be governed by Parliament.

 A lot of people now want us to be controlled by Brussels and are saying how badly off we would be – which is also puzzling considering the number of countries struggling to abide by EU the constitution.

 Thirdly, a lot of MPs are doing their utmost to get the British people to stay in the EU.

 I only hope that the British public are not that naive to be conned for a second time.

Mr M Flynn,

Red House