Letters, Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Plenty of problems but no solutions

THE puzzling silence on political issues by Labour leaders means no argument against opponents.

 This gives a free hand to set the terms of debate and also lets the Tories fill the ears of the public with propaganda, without any comeback.

 Cameron called for a concentrated effort by all Tories to blame Labour for everything and anything when possible.

 Even so, I was surprised by the recent comment by Tory Peter Wood when he wrote: “Labour creates the problem, Conservatives provide the solutions”.

 Does Peter seriously believe that? Let’s try and find those solutions.

 Council funding has been hit by millions of pounds of Government cuts. This means all public services reduced and more suffering for the vulnerable – no solution there.

 Did the Tories find a solution for the Sunderland families who are having a hard time financially? No. Peter’s Government robbed newborn babies of baby bonds, maternity allowance, child tax credits and froze child benefit.

 Has the Government found a solution to child poverty? Unfortunately, no.

 The Institute of Fiscal studies stated Cameron’s welfare reforms will increase child poverty every year. Is the £500million to the A&E a solution to its problem? No it is not, because the Government has cut the finance and NHS personnel far too deep, so the money will not paper over the cracks.

 Well, have the Tories found a solution to the economy?

 We all know the answer to that one.

 The so-called Chancellor is borrowing more than Labour ever did and he has dug himself into a big hole. His only achievement is making the poor poorer and the rich richer.

 This Government has no compassion and the House of Lords was correct with its opinion when it described the Prime Minister “to be crawling under the level of the nation’s decency by targeting children with multiple disabilities and cancer sufferers”.

W Quinn

Always moaning

I READ yet another letter of complaint from Mick The Pen about how he could not sleep because of the volume of noise from the ice cream van’s tune.

 I thought that he was very harsh with his trivial moans about children wanting monkey’s blood on their cornets. It’s the summer holidays, he really wants to lighten up.

 The ice cream van puts a smile on every child’s face and it’s always good to see and hear them. It normally means that it’s good weather.

 Just for the record, ice cream vans are not permitted to play their music before noon and after 7pm due to noise pollution.

 I wonder what The Pen will complain about next.

Mrs L Leadbitter

Parachute jump

JOY Darren would like to thank family and friends for their kind donations of £350 which has gone to St Benedict’s Hospice

 Thank you once again. This was raised through a parachute jump.

Mrs McCoy

Put the lights on

WE are constantly reminded to think bike when we are out on the roads.

 It is, however, a good idea for cyclists, especially the younger ones, to remember that when cycling at night you need lights to give us motorists a chance of seeing you.

D Young