Letters, Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Too many facing car parking fines

AS a new Blue Badge holder, I read Fred Stobbart’s letter, regarding his fine after parking at the hospital, with interest.

 I registered on my first visit as a Blue Badge holder at the hospital telephone, I did that without any trouble.

 Following my second visit, some weeks later, I was surprised to get a demand for £70 for a parking offence.

 I had parked in a disabled bay, with badge and timer correctly placed.

 I sent a letter of appeal and shortly after got another letter stating that if I didn’t hurry up and pay, I’d lose the prompt payment discounted price of £40. My wife phoned the hospital security and they assured us this would be attended to by them.

 However, when I went to get the badge copied for the appeal, the assistant in the shop said I was one of several people getting copies for the same reason.

 Given Fred’s, mine and the others having to get copies at the shop it makes you wonder if there is something going on in Parking Eye to make money.

 I urge anyone parking at the hospital to keep their tickets printed and displayed.

 How many others are going to get caught? Be aware.

D French,


Liberty has a ring

THE naming of the new square is being bandied about.

 As the theme is centred on the Maritime History of Sunderland, the obvious choice should be an event that is seldom mentioned now.

 As the Keel Line is representative of the Naess Crusader, a vessel built at Northsand and not Deptford as has been reported, the area where the City of Adelaide was built should also give us the name for the square.

 JL Thompson’s designed the Liberty ships, which were prominent in transporting supplies across the Atlantic in the Second World War.

The name Liberty Square has a resounding ring to it too.

S Taylor

A serious problem

I WOULD like to congratulate Marjorie Mathews on her letter dated Wednesday, July 23, regarding the very serious problem facing the UK regarding immigration.

 For far too long now, successive governments have failed miserably to tackle the issue for fear of being classed as racist.

 For years now politicians have assured the great British public that they understand the fears they have about unlimited immigration and the effect it has on everyday life – employment, education, housing, health services, etc.

 Yet still they sit idly by doing nothing.

 Might it be because it doesn’t really affect them with their big, fancy houses, their private schools and private medical services?

 Like Marjorie says in her letter it’s time for revolution

M Mcardle,