Letters, Thursday, August 11th, 2011

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Letter ignored good news on jobs

A COUPLE of points on Colin Wasey’s flight of fantasy (Letters, July 26).

He first of all harks back to the 80s and claims of the then Government: “With a stroke they destroyed centuries of shipbuilding and mining”. No mention of the years of decline and ruined economy left in 1979 which led to this. He goes on that they “not only took jobs away but also pride and security”. No mention of the Conservative Government’s involvement in the thousands of jobs brought by Nissan and the creation of Doxford International.

Now to the present day. Colin rambles on with: “They (the Government) are losing jobs left, right and centre and expect people to find jobs that don’t even exist.” He must not read the paper he exploits for his letters. Unemployment down nationally, regionally and in the city has been reported over the last few weeks.

There are a few other facts Colin should note such as the private sector has created over half a million extra jobs, over 15,000 in the North East. Youth unemployment has fallen below the level inherited from Labour. Businesses have invested £88.6billion across the economy, up six per cent on the previous year.

What about the recent news that the Government had signed off the deal that will bring about 500 jobs at the new Hitachi train plant and according to the TUC, up to 9,000 jobs in the supply chain?

This was hailed in various newspapers as “another good day for North East business”, “the knock-on effect cannot be underestimated” and “jobs boom thanks to train deal”.

It was stated in the Echo a few weeks ago that “Overall, vacancies in the region are up 26 per cent compared to the same time last year.”

Yes it will be a bumpy ride, with a few ups and downs. What can we expect with the ruined economy left by Labour’s last attempt at government?

Terence Docherty, Zetland Square, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland

Waste site plan

THANK you for highlighting the worries of Hetton residents in your article entitled “Waste’s not wanted here” (Echo, August 6).

May I be so bold as to point out a small error? The site in question is not near the site. Two sides of the site are adjacent to the country park and separated only by the fence shown in the picture.

In addition, contrary to what Marco Muria of Oaktree Environmental quotes in your article regarding North East Waste’s reassurance over traffic management, noise and dust control, the company has shown total disregard for this despite residents’ complaints.

However, we shouldn’t worry too much. Sunderland city councillors on the planning sub-committee, in their wisdom, are now going to inspect the site – giving the operator more than two weeks’ notice to make all look and sound well for their visit.

John Defty, Claude Street, Hetton

Three Tory parties

COUNCILLOR Wright is being disingenuous when he complains about Murdoch’s support for Blair (Letters, August 3).

Do you think Murdoch would have supported New Labour if Blair had been a socialist? Once Blair removed Clause 4 from Labour’s constitution, we effectively had two conservative parties in this country.

Since Clegg joined the Coalition, we now have three Conservative parties to choose from at election time. The councillor should be jumping for joy instead of grumbling to the Echo all the time.

By the way, if old Uncle Vince Cable thinks U.S. Republicans are “right-wing nutters”, what’s he doing sitting in the cabinet with Tories?

Paul Manning, Norham Court, Washington

Store’s support

THE staff at Sainsbury’s at Fulwell have adopted Grace House as their charity for a year. As a result I was invited to collect on their behalf on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 29-31. Their generous customers donated the fantastic sum of £645.71 over the three days.

I must also thank the staff at Sainsbury’s. They are such a happy team and their hospitality is so appreciated.

They are planning a charity night in October so I ask all Grace House supporters to look out for the publicity and come along to make it a great success.

May I also take this opportunity to thank Peter Cahill, owner of Kileys Taxis in Seaham, for giving me such a generous discount on a booking for travel to eight Tesco stores in the North East – from Bedlington in the north down to Stockton in the south. I just could not have afforded the full fare, so I am extremely grateful to him.

Yet again, many thanks.

Jeff Coxon, Lawnside, Seaham