Letters, Thursday, April 4, 2013

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I am ashamed to be a fan of this club

WHILE I can understand Mr Short’s reason for sacking Martin O’Neill, I cannot understand his thinking in going for a man with Nazi sympathies.

 I am ashamed to be a supporter of this great club and I am embarrassed when discussing it with friends.

 I belonged to the large Jewish community that grew up in Sunderland and frankly I am grateful that I, and the vast majority, no longer live there.

 As a supporter for nearly 50 years I never believed that my club could stoop so low. Are you really telling me that there was no one else to run the club? Did we really have no choice but to bring in a Fascist?

 Well Mr Short, you will be pleased to know that you no longer have my support. I have followed the lads’ progress every week but it stops now.

 With “this person” in charge, I hope the team is relegated – and that’s something I never ever thought I would say.

 Shame on you, Mr Short. Shame on the club. Shame on the city of my birth.

David Marks

A bland apology

YVETTE Cooper, the Shadow Home Secretary, recently admitted that Labour “got some things wrong on immigration when in Government”.

 Perhaps those bland words qualify as the understatement of the century.

 Anyone can say sorry when it is too late and these were the words of an opposition that, belatedly, realises it is totally on the wrong side of public opinion and practically discredited on the subject of immigration.

 But why did it happen? Labour ministers were all experienced politicians from 1997 to 2010. They had many years to plan their policy.

 Were they just total incompetents or did Labour have specific, deliberate aims when they knew exactly what they were doing?

 Economic benefits to employers such as cheaper labour are fairly obvious, but we then move onto the more cynical reasoning and that is the politics.

 First, there were future votes in it for Labour in massive numbers. Secondly, this was the period when Labour won three general elections against a very weak opposition and their liberal immigration policy was seen as a good way to expose the right of politics (the Conservatives) as bigoted and outdated.

 For a good while Blair was very popular, could do little wrong, had the support of the Murdoch press and was all out to eliminate the “forces of Conservatism” from our society. This lack of questioning extended to the BBC, which later, and like Labour, much too late, admitted that on the immigration debate it got it wrong.

 Any Conservative like Michael Howard, who raised the issue during these years, was practically branded a racist.

 I believe they all knew exactly what they were doing from 1997 to 2010 and they got it disastrously wrong. Labour, in its feeble attempts to seek political forgiveness in time for the next general election, has raised the subject of immigration once again. In fact, they keep on talking about it, so they need to be challenged. Michael Dixon,


Rent mystery

I PAY full rent and recently got my new weekly rent increase.

 As I get paid every month, I thought I would work out my monthly outgoings, including my rent.

 However, when I got a letter from Gentoo stating how much I had to pay every month, I noticed it was more than I had been previously been told.

 I rang Gentoo and asked why it was more than the increase stated on my letter. I told the advisor I had worked it out myself over 52 weeks and the figure they quoted was a lot more.

 The advisor told me it was because Gentoo worked the rent out over 53 weeks as there was an extra Monday in the year.

 Silly me, I always thought a year was 52 weeks.

 How can Gentoo be allowed to charge tenants for 53 weeks instead of 52?

Unhappy taxpayer

Club meeting

TED Lynn, chairman of the Sunderland and District Ex-Boxers Association, will be holding our annual general meeting this Sunday, April 7, at noon in the Railway Club, Sunderland City Centre –no gum shields required.

 All are welcome, new and old members.

Andrew Parkin, secretary of Sunderland ex-boxers

Phone hazard

I THOUGHT it was an offence to hold a mobile phone while driving, yet I still see many drivers flouting this law.

 How can they concentrate on the road while holding their phones and trying to turn or even negotiate a roundabout?

 One small mistake could cost someone their life.

Annoyed road user