Letters, Thursday, April 3, 2014

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We need better border controls

I LISTENED to a Question Time debate recently about the effect on Britain of over-population due to alleged immigration.

 Border control, in my opinion, is virtually non existent due to EU agreements. I also think France is happy to allow illegal trafficking of non-British people from its ports as France does not want ghettos and asylum seekers on its streets.

 It’s been getting unmanageable for years, and like a member of the audience on Question Time, who walked out of the studio, a lot of born British people are now homeless themselves.

 Sanctions on paying immigrants benefits who want to work here or live here due to bad conditions in their own countries, goes nowhere near addressing the ongoing overcrowding.

 And as we all now see, public services, hospitals, schools and social or private availability of housing is dragging down Britain’s economy, and jobs are now few.

 The EU and this Government needs to clamp down while we still can.

J Redford,


Who is in charge?

WE frequently see letters in the Echo about the killing of Sunderland’s great shipyards.

 Depending upon which political pursuants the writer belong depends on where the blame lies – Labour, Tories, EU, or the workforce.

 One lady suggested that striking over a tea break helped the downfall. I just cannot understand how the powers that be have allowed a lot of our great industries to decline into extinction, especially our shipping industry.

 It was our lifeblood and, in my opinion, our second greatest asset. It was even vital to the financial section of the City of London.

 Remember the days when the national financial announcement was made and the government was always in the red but the invisible earnings from the likes of shipping kept it afloat? The powers in charge don’t seem to have recognised this.

 Sometimes you wonder if they really have the interest of the country’s greatest asset at heart – that’s its people!

 They are always making claims that they are committed to creating jobs, but they are just killing a lot of work off.

 For example, last year the MoD ordered three Royal Fleet Auxiliaries to be built in the Far East. What a disgrace.

  Shortly afterwards, they announced the closure of the Portsmouth dockyard, where these ships could have been built and kept people working.

 When questioned on television about this, the Defence Minister shrugged her shoulders and dismissed the query by saying that they were only “supply boats”.

 Can you believe it? These boats are quite big ships – how naive.

 It makes you wonder what sort of people are in charge of our country at times.

T Hamilton,


Must be April Fool

WAS the item about Coun Paul Watson leading the new North East super-council on economic development an April Fool joke?

Frank Johnson