Letters, Thursday, April 26th, 2012

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Transport problems after festival

A FRIEND and I went to Lumiere on the Friday evening of the event. Having been to the event two years ago, I decided to drive us to Carrville and use the Prince Bishop Service 20 into the city, rather than use the Park and Ride at Belmont where I knew there would terrific queues.

We had no problem on the way there and, in spite of the crowds in the Market Place and a wait of approximately 10 minutes both there and at the Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop just a little further ahead, we were then marshalled very well from then on up to the Cathedral.

After viewing the facade of the Cathedral, we proceeded slowly into and through the Cathedral, and down on to Prebend’s Bridge. The last part of the event, namely walking by the river before accessing Framwellgate Bridge, was very unsafe as there was very little, if any, lighting.

Occasionally visitors were coming in the opposite direction along the riverbank which could have easily meant someone falling into the river. I was surprised to see some adults with pushchairs in this area which, in my opinion, was highly dangerous.

When my friend and I went to catch the bus at the bus station we experienced the greatest problem. We waited from 9pm to 10.10pm before a bus came, even though the display board at the stand continued to indicate a bus every half-hour thereafter. No bus actually arrived until 10.10pm.

The main display board did indicate that there was congestion with subsequent delays to services but there was no representation for the bus companies in the bus station. I did, however, make an event person in the bus station aware of the situation, but the bus station was not in his remit.

I subsequently addressed this issue with the bus company, particularly since I was in a most uncomfortable state with my back that night and the next day due to standing. Although I can walk for England, standing aggravates my osteoporosis. The situation was not resolved satisfactorily.

In my opinion there needs to be greater attention given to communication between event organisers and public transport. I would certainly not be attempting to attend again if this was not resolved.

Brenda Graham, Oak Avenue, Houghton

Footbridge mess

DOES anyone know who is responsible for the maintenance of monstrosity of a footbridge at the end of Princess Road in Seaham?

This was constructed about two and a half years ago and has never been cleaned. The grit put down each winter has blocked the tiny drainage holes, therefore the dog dirt, empty cans, broken glass etc just mount up.

All the rain we have had recently has caused massive puddles on the landings, which means we pedestrians are wading through this disgusting mess.

It’s about time the authorities got this problem sorted.

Mrs H. Dormand, Corcyra Street, Seaham

Marilyn memory

MR Christie’s letter about Marilyn Monroe reminded me of a story Billy Elliott told me (the footballer, not the ballet dancer!).

Billy used to swim regularly at Washington Leisure Centre and I often chatted to him. One day he told that when Sunderland AFC were on a close season tour of America in the 1950s, the players saw Marilyn in a New York restaurant.

A film critic once described a rear view of Marilyn as a “glorious choreography of hip, thigh and wiggle.” Billy admitted she looked sensational, but scoring against Newcastle was even better!

William Crane, Langley Close, Washington

Dog-mess bins

REGARDING the article about dog fouling in Seaham: Dog owners would be more inclined to pick up their pet’s mess if there was a bin to put it in nearby.

I live in Seaham and find that these waste bins are very few and far between. Most dog owners do not mind picking up after their dog but do not want to carry the stuff around for half an hour, or half a mile, especially if on the way to the shops.

So, a lot more bins should be made available. Where there are no bins, notices giving directions to the nearest bins plus the distance to them would be handy.

R. Tomlinson, The Avenue, Deneside

Make thieves pay

IT’S absolutely disgusting to read of Debra Clark and Carl Hunter getting suspended sentences after spending all the contributions of over £5,000 from South Hylton Juniors football team’s account.

Both my granddaughters attended this school and now their two sons do. My son and daughter-in-law took a very active party in many activities to support the school and I know many of the parents involved could have struggled financially to contribute to the worthwhile activities this splendid school provides.

The thieves should be made to pay this money back immediately, not at their convenience. The judges involved should be ashamed.

Mrs E. Parker, Hylton Road, Pennywell