Letters, Thursday, April 21st, 2011

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Falling in love with BB at the ‘Millie’

WHEN I was a boy in the 1950s I used to go to the Millfield Cinema. In the days before everyone had TV, the “Millie” was a popular place.

Remember how it was perched on the bridge above the railway station? In its last few weeks it was renamed the Cosmo Continental Cinema. With audiences dwindling, they thought it might survive by showing naughty foreign films.

Imagine the excitement in our street when my pal told us there was a rude picture of Brigitte Bardot outside the “Millie”! All the little lads rushed off to have a look, and there she was in all her glory – a poster of the beautiful BB in “Mam’selle Striptease”. Oo la la! Even though I was only nine, I knew I was in love.

It was an X-rated film, so I couldn’t get in to see it, not that I wanted to see a film like that at that age, because even though I’d fallen in love with BB, I preferred John Wayne or Tarzan.

Ten years later I finally got the chance to see one of her pictures. I was a student on a course in France and got invited to a film show along with all the other English lads.

I sat there wondering what we were going to see. The lights went down, the curtains opened, and then she appeared up there on screen – the girl I fell in love with outside the “Millie” running along the beach at St Tropez in a bikini, starring in “Et Dieu Crea La Femme” (God created Woman).

My teacher never told me learning foreign languages could be so interesting! If God created woman, he did a wonderful job with Brigitte.

William Crane, Langley Close, Oxclose, Washington

Club celebration

SUNDERLAND Floral Art Club is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

As part of the many organised special events to celebrate this wonderful achievement, the club held a “Golden Evening” last Tuesday at the Royalty Theatre.

The occasion was attended by club members past and present, invited guests including the Mayor and Mayoress, Coun and Mrs Watson, area representatives from Nafas and friends of the club.

After early evening canapes we were treated to a fantastic flower demonstration by Lisa and her team from Wild Bunch florists. They used some stunning “golden-themed” flowers in the arrangements and the stage at the end of the night really did have a golden glow to it.

Celebration cake, baked and decorated by Muriel Bradwell was served during the interval.

The evening was a wonderful success and the committee would like to say a very grateful thank-you to everyone who worked so hard to make it so. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the dedicated team of volunteers from The Royalty Theatre who have given the club so much help and valued support throughout the many years we have been based there and happily now call the theatre “home”.

According to the club records, “Sunderland Floral Art Club was officially launched at 2.15 p.m. on February 15th, 1961. Twenty ladies gathered together in the hall in Joan Field’s Ballroom to enjoy a pleasant afternoon watching a flower demonstration by Miss Farquharson. The agreed fee for membership was to be one guinea per annum”.

Fifty years on, the club still has a full and varied programme of demonstrations booked for members and visitors to enjoy. Although full membership is now £20 per year, non-members pay £4 per visit. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 2pm in the Studio of the Royalty Theatre. For our next meeting on May 17 we have a welcome return visit from Mrs Karl Brunton with her demonstration entitled “Golden Globe”.

Why not come and join us? We will also be taking names for the club’s outing in June to visit the garden at High Hill Top after lunch at Helm Park Hall Country House Hotel. Contact me on 522 7832 and I will be happy to give you more information or answer any questions.

Pam Jameson, Programme secretary, Sunderland Floral Art Club, Grateful patient

ONCE again I must give thanks to the personnel of the Royal Hospital for their treatment and care for me as a most satisfied patient in their care.

This time it was in the Day Care Centre where I must thank consultants, nurses, ancillary staff etc. for my treatment, which was excellent.

We have a national treasure in the NHS and I am sure that the majority of people must agree.

Tom G, Turnbull House, Southwick

Thanks for help

I WISH to thank the two gentlemen who helped my sister with me when I had a fall in Blandford Street, outside Heron’s, on April 6 and also the lady who phoned for an ambulance and the staff from Heron’s who were all so kind.

Mrs. J. Birch, Clovelly Road, Hylton Castle, Sunderland

Search Party

MY name is Vera Kennedy. I was born in Aylmer Street, Deptford, in 1924 to Ted and Phoebe Rimmer.

I have already been in touch with my father’s family and have records of my ancestors as far back as my great-great-grandfather who were all shipyard workers.

I would like to get in touch with my cousin John Coates to reminisce about Deptford as I was proud to have been born and lived there.

I would like to know where John is because he is family.

Mrs V. Kennedy, 12 Ringwood Square, Red House Estate, Sunderland, SR5 5NG

I AM trying to trace Kevin Ransom. He will be about 51 and was last known to be living in Washington about 20 years ago.

I would very grateful if Kevin or anyone who has information about him could contact me.

Grace Ransom, Tel. 07812 363487

I AM trying to trace an old friend called Kieron whose mobile number used to be 07999 188 264.

If anyone knows him or his new number would you please contact me by text, or Kieron himself. I am urgently trying to get in touch with him.

Craig, Tel. 07580 153960