Letters, Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Visit to skip was very stressful

I WENT to the city recycling centre in Deptford the other day, to dispose of some items, not wanting to incur the £15 charge the city makes for collecting large waste items.

 However, the visit was not one which filled me with the urge to recycle.

 Firstly, the queue of cars was disgracefully long and my waiting time was more than 20 minutes long. There wasn’t much room left for my items in the recycling skips, which were visibly overflowing.

 The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, although visibly stressed, as they were trying to accommodate everyone’s needs, and some people were less than polite to them.

 Possibly it was the stress of the wait?

 I asked them why there were problems and it turns out that the difficulty is that the council has only made one lorry available for removing material from the site.

 This provision was obviously inadequate for the job, hence the overflowing skips.

 Surely the council can do better than this, after going to the trouble of encouraging us all to recycle where we can.

 I don’t think everyone in the city is as patient as we were, and I sadly expect more stress for hardworking council staff, and more rubbish dumped on our back streets, if this continues.

M Crosby,

East Herrington

Absolute waste

ELECTION fever is certainly with us.

 Campaigning politicians are popping up all over the place and leaflets galore are dropping through our letter boxes in a bid for our votes.

 It is, of course, all part and parcel of letting us know what they have done and or intend to do should they be fortunate enough to gain our vote.

 While, personally I am no great fan of the leaflets, I usualy put them straight in my recycle bin, I do understand that they may serve a purpose.

 However, I failed to see the benefit of the leaflet which was addressed to me personally and delivered by Royal Mail. Not only did I get one but so did my husband along with my son and daughter.

 All were personally addressed and all popped through the letterbox on Saturday morning.

 Why on earth would someone waste that much money sending out four copies of the same thing?

 Surely, who ever did the address labels could see we all had the same surname and lived in the same house?

 We are bombarded with messages of the benefits of good housekeeping, which includes not wasting our resources, along with how expensive election campaigns are and the difficulty of funding them. Well, this is one area where looking after the pennies might prove useful.

 The message, needless to say, was actually, to my mind, neither use no ornament.

M Miles,


Tree nuisance

LAST year, I think it was, a man wrote about the council trees at the back of his home and his fears they would come crashing down and crush him to death.

 I too have a problem with trees at what is the back of our house.

 The roots have started to show through our lawn and they are now so tall they are bending over into our garden.

 They are huge and serve no real purpose.

 We were told they were necessary to help drown out the traffic noise from the main road but they are far too tall for that.

 I have contacted the council numerous times. Someone even came out and said I had a valid complaint and they would look at the problem – that was two years ago.

 Our local councillor also came at my request and contacted the parks people himself – but still I wait.

 I am praying the trees will come crashing down because then something will have to be done.

 Some people on a neighbouring estate have taken the tree problem into their own hands, I notice.

Mrs Ashcroft