Letters, Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Visit smacks of opportunism

AS a Fulwell ward councillor and a member of the Fulwell Neighbourhood Watch, I was surprised to learn that the Police Commissioner will attend a meeting in Fulwell after a request by the local Labour candidate.

 Her topics for the meeting will be about crime and antisocial behaviour in Fulwell. One topic she will not visit will be her controversial decision to downgrade Sunderland’s status by closing Gillbridge Police Station and Farringdon Hall Fire Station, transferring command to South Shields.

 Last year, the Police Commissioner was invited to attend the well-supported Fulwell Neighbourhood Watch Committee meeting, held in Chapman Street, which she accepted. At the last minute she changed her mind and sent her deputy, who has since resigned. The residents who attended the meeting were very vocal in their disappointment.

 Her decision to attend a meeting, organised by the local Labour candidate for Fulwell, smacks of political opportunism.

 Regarding the subjects to be discussed, according to local figures, crime is down and as for antisocial behaviour, closing the main Sunderland police station will not help to alleviate either of the problems.

 The decision to close our police station continues with the council’s campaign to further erode this city’s importance.

 The Police Commissioner has promised to attend a meeting with the 75 Sunderland councillors but not until after the local and Euro Elections.

 Together with many of my constituents, I wonder why?

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward

Above politics

A POSTER displayed in a shop window in Fulwell invites residents to attend a meeting attended by the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and the Sunderland Central MP.

 These individuals are advertised as “two of the region’s leading politicians”.

 While this meeting is clearly a political event on behalf of a Labour candidate, surely the Police and Crime Commissioner is not a politician and, in that role, should be above politics.

Alan Wright

Folded mail misery

CAN someone please explain to me why the post being delivered through letterboxes is now always folded.

 Recently, I ordered a standard size Moonpig card for Mothers’ Day. The day it was delivered, it had been folded in half before it was put through the letterbox.

 I subsequently asked the postman, who had delivered the card, why the card had been folded.

 He apologised for the card being folded, but then went on to say that the words on the front of the envelope, which said “please do not bend”, should actually be printed higher, and also was I aware of how much post he had to deliver.

 His whole attitude was impolite to say the least. The irony is, the card need not have been folded at all, the letterbox was more than big enough.

Linda Smith,