Letters, Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

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Workers owe the Tories nothing

I WRITE to comment on your columnist Keith Newbury (The Friday Column, September 14).

The quotation he credited to Churchill, should it not be: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana?

The derogatory language is what can be expected of ignorant, arrogant Tories. To bring down a democratically elected government? They were not elected but cobbled together a shameful collection of opportunistic career politicians in order to be in government.

Jumped up union bully–boys, is it? How about jumped up Tory bully–boys (Bullingdon boys)?

Unions exist to fight for the rights and working conditions of the working people. If the nation is inconvenienced it will only be for a short while – not their whole lives or the generations, as with the elitist establishment.

The union “bosses”, not “robber barons”, may be well paid in some eyes, but certainly not as vastly overpaid as the banker barons, the private sector spivs and the CEOs of privatised utilities. Millions of pounds in bonuses, for failure.

Does Newbury use the NHS? I hope not as the Tories voted against it in 1948. Wanting rid of it ever since the unions, socialists and others gave it to the nation.

The Tories believe everything must be paid for – if you don’t have the money, too bad. They of course have their wealth to insulate them from their ideological war on the nation’s citizens.

I hope Newbury works six days per week, 18 hours daily, with only Sunday off. Otherwise he will have to thank the socialists and the unions for the working week. Of course, he will not be taking holidays or holiday pay. Thanks to the unions for those.

Health and safety at work, so that the people are not being killed? That’s the unions to thank again. Pension? Retirement age (came in 1926) – unions to thank again.

We owe the Tories nothing – they have given us nothing but opposition, oppression, suppression and utter contempt. I lump Tory Bliar and New Labour in with the Tories and Lib-Dems.

If this country does have to go through civil war and revolution to become, for the first time, a democracy, I hope it is as bloodless as possible for the citizens. They have been bled dry enough as it is.

Mr W. N. Laws, Hazelwood Gardens, Harraton

Power to ‘The Pen’

I AGREE with the sentiments of Aztiz re Mick The Pen Brown, a truly underrated letter writer.

The point is I don’t agree with everything he writes about but the reason he creates so much controversy is the fact that there is always an element of truth in his letters. This is what makes his articles so entertaining.

Folk get their backs up about the most trivial thing. Take for instance his recent letter about students. If you put on the TV on pass day, they usually have three or four students opening their results live on air and – guess what – they all get top marks. You never see a failure. Many years ago very few students got A stars.

So I do hope that The Pen keeps up with his letters to the Echo. I enjoy them.

Mrs E. Ecklestone, Ramilies Road, Redhouse, Sunderland

Ideas for our city

WELL, the council is investing in the seafront. Excellent, but what about the city centre plans to turn Holmeside into a two-way car lane? Why not invest in stopping all traffic going down Holmeside, investing in cheaper rates, cheaper parking, introduce a Joplings-style money to get people to invest? Restrict the pub licences. Get them back to normal times where the town gets a steady flow of customers who can meet, drink and enjoy the city.

All I hear is people say “We hate Sunderland’s nightlife” or “It’s the same old, same old”. We are so far behind Newcastle – even invest in the quayside, breathe some life into that. People are sick of the same old garbage, and if our council is not careful they may find people don’t vote Labour and, in fact, may not vote at all.

Kev Stoker

We’re not racists

SO Gary Duncan says we are all racists in Millfield and the rest of Sunderland because we say a mosque is St Marks Road is in the wrong place.

He obviously thinks it is fine that the illegal mosque has been operating further up St Marks Road since 2005, despite being turned down twice by Sunderland Council and twice by the London Inspectorate.

He overlooks the fact that nine other sites were offered, and the fact that the massive garage building is supposed to be for Millfield Muslims only, when we know the illegal mosque it is to replace is attended by people from all surrounding districts of Sunderland, Seaham, Easington etc.

Sunderland Council gave the OK to that mosque behind closed doors, and regardless of the valid views of residents of Millfield and the rest of Sunderland.

Do you think that if BNP or EDL join in a protest, that makes that protest invalid? How ridiculous!

Marjorie Matthews, Aiskell Street, Sunderland