Letters, Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Prosecute the liars of Hillsborough

Now that the report on the Government document papers on the Hillsborough Disaster has finally been revealed, we can now all breathe a huge sigh of relief that the truth has finally reached the surface, after the dreadful stench of corruption, lies and deceit, which has been one of the biggest cover-ups in history of this country.

Now is the time for justice for the 96 football fans, whose only crime was to turn up for a football game!

The dammed mountain of lies conjured up by South Yorkshire Police to cover up their incompetence should be investigated and justice should be served to those 96 lost souls.

Another inquest has to be opened to show the truth of how the 96 fans died.

The true facts of 164 police statements being changed; regarding lies of fans being drunk, and robbing and urinating on their own fans was pure evil!

The cut-off time of 3:15pm, when all of the fans are supposed to have died again was pure lies.

It has been proven that at least 42 fans were still alive at 3:50pm and could have been saved.

Reports of fans being brayed back over the very fences, by police with truncheons and being crushed to death. Chief Superintendant David Duckenfield, who gave the order to open a massive gate to let the fans rush in, then tried to cover his wrongdoing and saying that the fans had smashed the gate down!

Duckenfield escaped being prosecuted, by being allowed to retire at the age of 46.

How can this man sleep at night with that huge lie swilling around his conscience? This man must be prosecuted for the sake of the families of the 96 fans who died that day.

The stomach churning report of 14 police officers receiving £1.2million in compensation, because they said that they were traumatised by what they saw, makes my blood boil, especially after you hear that the families of the 96 received no legal, moral or financial compensation

A catalogue of lies by the police and The Sun newspaper were concocted, like a large vat of poison to slur the poor victims that lost their lives through mass incompetence

I just hope the families of those 96 poor souls will live to see the day that justice is served to those responsible who created the cover-up

Clive Lee

Clydesdale Street


Make judges pay

YET again, an arrogant judge ignores the feelings of victims of crime and sets free another criminal.

He then compounds this folly with his remarks in court. Saying he hadn’t the courage to be a burglar implies that he once considered a career in burglary.

He is just one of a long line in the judiciary who have outraged the public with their inappropriate sentencing, setting free all manner of violent criminals including paedophiles and rapists.

These judges have a duty to protect the public and by not doing so, are undeserving of their massive renumeration and should be relieved of it.

Anyone who suffers because of their fault in this way should be compensated by them.

 I await these appeals against sentence by anyone who actually has been sent to prison by him on the grounds that they are just brave as Richard Rochford.

No doubt lawyers will be gleeful at the prospect of bonanza times ahead.

J. Jones,

Coxon Street


No news bad news

LET me tell you a story, to paraphrase the late, great Max Bygraves. Here in the St Chad’s Ward of Sunderland, we once had three Tory councillors, all good lads – councillors Oliver, Wright and Dixon.

Every so many weeks, we received a newsletter telling us what was going on the area and what was being done.

However, the last two council elections have seen that number changed to one Tory councillor- Coun Oliver - and two Labour councillors, but I cannot remember their names. I think one works at the college and the other is tall and bald. I’ve only seen them once at the door when asking for my vote.

We have not seen a newsletter from them, or indeed a sighting.

When the ‘good lads’ use to deliver the newsletter, you could talk to them about problems in the area and they would get things done. Not with these two new Labour men.

So what’s happened to them? Where are they?

Frank Pratt

Middle Herrington

Thank you all

WE would like to say a huge “thank-you” to all who made my daughter’s visit to Seaham from New Zealand.

Yes she travelled half-way around the world to see her family, friends and mother, after having suffered E Kepalighteous Meningitis, C Jiff and other illnesses.

She defied death and continues to recover. Last year at this time we were praying for her recovery. We would like to thank all St John’s, Seaham, Murton Salvation Army, Sunderland Free Church, St Cuthbert’s Methodist Chapel, work colleagues, school friends, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles and Godchildren.

 The number of people she touched was simply impossible to write to personally as I think it would reach hundreds. Samantha did have a wonderful time while she was here.

So thank-you to all who contributed to a loving, caring, happy holiday and get together for her.

She is special and not just to me and mine, but to all she meets and supported her.

Eleanor Whitmore

Stockton Road