Letters, Saturday, October 26, 2013

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Don’t destroy all the city’s history

SO it has been agreed that the Vaux site will be a luxury looking plaza, according to the plans in the Echo (October 16).

 There have been library closures because of funding cuts and yet all this money is to be spent on this project – it makes my blood boil.

 How long before it is damaged – and who will pay for the upkeep costs?

 Libraries are for everyone, yet they have been axed. One remaining library is Kayll Road, which has been saved (for now) as it is an historical building – but how long before it is bulldozed?

 Sunderland Council, listen to your people for once instead of sitting around a meeting table thinking about what next to cut or pull down.

 Why not take a drive around the city and make note of what history we have left and find the funding to save it?

 It breaks my heart to see a once beautiful city become a ghost town of cheap shops and rundown buildings.

 Looking through a book of Sunderland and the grand structures that are no more is shocking.

 There are historical public houses down High Street boarded-up just waiting for their demise.

Allyson Timm (ex-Sunderland girl),


England is cuckoo

IN reply to Stuart Oliver (October 9) I would like to say I am an absolute lover of logic.

 Have you forgotten about the financial state this country was in after the years of Labour? They even said there was no money left.

 Have you forgotten how Mrs Thatcher was highly-acclaimed for taming the unions and praised for letting people become home-owners?

 Have you forgotten the winter of discontent when unions were on strike, rubbish in the streets uncollected, dead bodies not buried, etc.

 What about the strikes on offer now, teachers, postal workers and others threatening?

 Many people are upset about the benefit system, such as a man earning £17,000 pa and paying taxes, the benefit cap to be £26,000. Another example a family with 12 children getting £52,000 per year in benefits.

 Politicians want Turkey, which borders Syria, Iraq and Iran, to join the EU. There are many Syrians, having got to Calais, are waiting to cross into England and have threatened suicide if not allowed.

 All the world want to live here and use our WHS (World Health Service).

 One day England will sink into the sea.

 Surely, you realise, Mr Oliver, that we both live in cloud cuckoo land. It’s called England.

Marjorie Matthews

Asset to the NHS

I WOULD like to thank my GP Dr Nall, Millfield Medical Centre, for his prompt action in referring me to Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 I was admitted for emergency, probably life-saving, surgery. I was on the operating table within two hours.

 I would also like to extend my thanks to all medical, nursing and domestic staff on Ward 30 for the excellent care I received.

 They made my stay pleasant with their professionalism and cheerful manner.

 To my GP and all the hospital staff thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 You are all an asset to the National Health Service and were very much appreciated.

 I am now on the road to recovery.

 Thanks to you all from a grateful patient.

Mrs L Broadbent,


Ducking and diving

I WAS strolling along Seaburn’s lower prom and gazing out to sea.

The tide was out, the sea was calm, as calm as calm could be. Seagulls flying by, ducking and diving in the sky, landing on the sea, they were happy as happy as could be.

The beach is beautiful and clean, the sands a golden brown, the sky above is a vivid blue, the sun is shining brightly too, white vapour clouds floating by up in the sky.

Couples walking hand in hand across the beautiful golden sands, happy as could be.

This planet earth is a wonderful place, full of beauty, mystery and wonderful things where man and woman, people, could live together, peacefully, happy, in harmony. These are just a few of the beautiful and wonderful things you see.

Strolling along the lower prom, and gazing out to sea at Seaburn by the sea, Sunderland.

Wilf Matthews,