Letters, Saturday, October, 2012

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Life’s too short for us to moan all the time

I TOTALLY agree with Scott Andrews re: his letter of October 14 “Stop Moaning”.

 People should stop moaning and rejoice as we are living in a great country with far better conditions than most of the world.

 A lot of the moaning is about money to buy possessions. We cannot live forever, that is a fact we all know. We cannot take anything with us when we come to the end of our show. Yes, let us have more happy articles in the Echo Letters, we are not on the earth long enough to have time to moan.

 One of the happiest things to write about would be about us beating the Geordies on a sunny Sunday in October and watching the highlights on Match of the Day with your favourite take-away.

 Happiness is having members of your family say they love you every day.

 Happiness is living in Washington with Sunderland just nine miles away, Whitburn, Boldon and Cleadon too and a seaside to treasure when the skies are blue.

 I’ve travelled the world and seen our country wide, but I wouldn’t move from Washington – in Wearside I shall bide.

 I ask you folks: What is life but a teardrop in the eye of infinity – here today, gone tomorrow.

 So smile, smile, smile let Jesus take away your sorrow.

Jim Chambers,

Durham Avenue,


A very sad loss

IT was with sorrow that, at a meeting in September, Seaham and District Scout Association, learned of the death of the 9th Marquis of Londonderry at his home in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

 The Londonderry family helped to establish and encourage Scouting in our region and particularly in Seaham with 1st Seaham (Londonderry’s Own) and Dawdon Scouts.

 In 1911 the Marchioness of Londonderry inspected over 250 Scouts and presented them with their Groups’ flags in the gardens of Seaham Hall and invited Scouts for many years to assist at her charity garden parties.

 In so many ways the Londonderry family assisted and encouraged the Scouts providing transport, financial support, allowing groups to camp on the “flower field” near the lodge of the Hall before being given a camping ground of their own. The first was in Denehouse Road, then a much bigger site above the railway station in Lord Byron’s Walk, until it was sold by the NCB for housing.

 The town owes a lot to the Londonderrys. They provided work at the port, wagon-works and pits and funded the building of schools, churches, reading rooms for people’s welfare.

Elizabeth Armes,


Give us the vote!C

The Prime Minister and Scotland’s First Minister have signed an agreement allowing Scotland to hold a referendum as to whether they are ‘in’or ‘out’ of the United Kingdom. What a hoot.

While we in the rest of the UK were promised a referendum on continued membership of the hopelessly flawed European Union, and subsequently denied that right, Scotland are given the go-ahead to decide their future relationship with the UK .

What nonsense and political gimmickry is this?

Why, in face of the fact that 70 per cent of the people are asking to be given the right to decide as to where our future lies.

The case of holding a referendum based upon an ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’ of Europe is gathering more robust support throughout the country as the question is being raised more forcebly.

More senior ministers and others in Parliament are beginning to rattle their sabres no longer fearful of letting their thoughts being heard in this ever rumbling issue.

Only the weak wing of the coalition government, the Lib Dems, are keeping their heads down – but they would wouldn’t they. As for the Labour opposition, as usual they wait in the sidelines on this important issue].

As the monetary crisis throughout Europe shows no sign of subsiding political unrest gathers throughout Europe as the Germans people grow tired of funding the bailouts being given to Greece and Spain with other countries joining the queue.

The British people were promised a referendum on Europe and that promise should be honoured. Politicians come and go, many with their pockets well laden leaving the rest of the population tied into a federal union membership of which they were not given the opportunity to say yea or nay.

Councillor George Howe

Fulwell Ward.

Perverts’ paradise

IT is quite saddening that councillors have given the go-ahead for such a disgusting venue to be open in our city.

 Lap dancing clubs represent low standards, and I trust that as a city that does want to lower its standards we do not need such an message being sent out by having such an establishment here. Not only does it look bad for the area, but it also promotes a negative attitude towards women.

 All it will be is a place where perverts ponder over something they can’t get. It will do nothing to serve our society, unlike, for example, being taught respect and valuing a woman so much that you look for a partner and not an object. It is fantastic to see that our Mayor is standing up for the city; Sunderland deserves better.

Andrew Gray,

Labour Party Activist