Letters, Saturday, October 13, 2012

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Give us a service that cares for the elderly

Over the summer, a top commentator called our celebrated NHS a “national religion”. I’m increasingly inclined to agree and here’s why.

The new Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has already suggested reducing the abortions limit to 12 weeks. It comes at a similar time when heath service top brass are mulling over giving the green light for at least two priests, sorry doctors, to deliver terminally ill patients with the “last rights”.

Is the NHS feeling obligated to step in setting out a new moral guidance upon life and death as the church did before? It’s true there are these decisions to be made on our wards day-in day-out across the country.

Well, there are plenty of other moral improvements which could be made before snatching away choice from the liberated woman. How about a little more humanity towards the elderly, particularly with so many hospitals and care homes failing to provide basic human rights? After all, there are more baby boomers than the Y generation.

The workhouses for the elderly may be gone, in part thanks to the NHS, but their replacements are equally as feared by the next potential occupants.

If there is a moral crusade of the state to guide morally, they could include a bit of Confucius, with emphasis upon care of the elderly.

G Engel

High Barnes

Open to help you

I would like to draw attention to the Open Day planned by Wearside U3A.

U3A is an organisation providing learning opportunities, social activities and much more to the retired and semi-retired people of Sunderland.

No qualifications are given or required and members run activity groups as diverse as Walking and Keep Fit to Latin and Architecture. We have nearly 30 different groups as well as a monthly meeting with speaker.

This is held in the Bangladeshi Centre in Tatham Street from 10am to noon on the second Friday of each month.

To find out more we would like to invite people to come along on Tuesday to the Bangladeshi Centre between 10am and noon.

There will be a display of all the groups have to offer and plenty of opportunity to talk to members.

Gwen Dawe


Wearside U3A

Back to the future

WHILE strolling through Park Lane the other day, I had a vision. Ninety per cent of people had walking sticks. Why could not Sunderland lead a return to Regency times. Gone the ugly grey national health jobs, back to the gold and silver-knobbed canes.

All of our Sunderland gentlemen strutting about in their elegant top-boots and because of the tobacco smoking ban, partaking from their jewelled-snuff boxes, strolling into the Job Centre, eyeing the staff through their lorgnettes with disdain.

 At Seaburn there would be a massive un-royal pavilion, better than the one the Prince Regent built at Brighton and sound-proofed so the residents of Seaburn would be not be disturbed by the Plebeians enjoying rowdy coffee bars, air shows, maybe one day illuminations and fun fairs.

Hepworth and Jackson could re-open to make elegant waistcoats and jackets for the male population!

A Pleb


Marathon chance

HAS anyone been lucky enough to secure a place in the 2013 London Marathon through the public ballot, or would they like one of our guaranteed charity places?

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) is appealling to those who have their own place or would like to take up a place to consider fundraising for us.

WCRF is the principal UK charity dedicated to the prevention of cancer research into and the promotion of a healthy diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight management, so not only will taking part help you get into the kind of habits that can reduce your own cancer risk, but the money raised will help us continue to fund research and education programmes.

Whether you are lucky enough to have had a successful ballot application, or would like one of our guaranteed golden bond places, we offer every runner the same outstanding level of support – training and nutritional advice; a welcome pack; a WCRF running vest; a personal online sponsorship page; a January reception with experts offering training and fundraising tips; regular team training runs; a post-race reception with free massage and shower.

Please apply by November 2 at www.wcrf-uk.org/fundraising, or call 0207 343 4222 or email events@wcrf.org.

Sarah Himelfield,

Events Fundraiser,

World Cancer Research Fund

Stop moaning

I AM disheartend by the constant moaning of people who write to the Echo. Let’s have some good news for a change. I wonder, do people know how good they have it in this country?

Scott Andrews

Wilkinson Terrace