Letters, Saturday, October 12, 2013

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A very unhappy visit to the library

I AGREE with other Echo readers that the closure of libraries should not go ahead.  

 What’s also disgusting is the fact that the city centre library is being run into the ground.

 Recently, I visited the toilet there, only to discover that there weren’t any paper towels – yet again – and the drier wasn’t working.

 With my hands dripping wet I went to the reception desk to find that it wasn’t manned. A man with some ladders pointed someone out and said: “That’s the man you want to see.”

 He told me he would get some towels from the gents. Guess what? He emerged from the gents and said there weren’t any there, either.

 He disappeared and the man with the ladders said I could use the hand drier in the disabled toilets and unlocked the door. It could only happen in Sunderland. They couldn’t even apologise.

 Next I went downstairs to the enquiry desk, but that was also unmanned.

 I walked to the open door where two young women were talking. I asked if anyone was on the desk and one replied that they were just deciding who should come out!

 I was given the directory I needed then went to sit down.

 All the chairs seemed to be ripped and worn so that you could see the foam underneath.

 All the tables now have notices requesting noise to be kept down for people studying. They were a waste of time because you could hear two men talking (especially the angry one) and a woman on a mobile phone. None of them were reading or studying, but just talking. Why don’t they go to a cafe instead? Yes, it could only happen in Sunderland.

Name and address supplied.

Praise where it’s due to the NHS

RECENTLY the NHS has had a lot of bad publicity and in many cases justified. However, I speak from the experiences of family, friends and most definitely myself. Earlier this year I was admitted onto the surgical ward of Sunderland Royal Hospital with bowel cancer.

 I really need to express my sincere gratitude to the brilliant team. The procedures were a complete success. The care and dedication was second-to-none and aftercare equally as good.

 So praise where praise is due. Well done, surgical team at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

A very grateful patient.

Mini-turbines could be the answer ...

I AGREE with Henry Whipple (Sunderland Echo, October 7) about needing green energy, but I do not think that nuclear energy is very green.

 Why not cover all walls with solar panels? They could also put a mini-wind turbine on every roof-top, lamppost and telegraph pole in the land.

 I think that mini-turbines on roofs in towns and cities would be much better than covering the countryside with forests of giant wind turbines.

 Some may say that wind turbines and solar panels are ugly in any size or shape, but oil and gas are running out and getting more and more expensive. Turbines and panels would provide free energy.

 Nissan is already selling electric cars. What is to stop Sunderland going back to the old electric trolly buses?

 I read somewhere that some giant wind turbines do not turn on windy days because their batteries are full. How can they have a full battery when there is a world shortage of energy? Something needs to be done now before gas and oil run out – it’s no good waiting until it has.

 In the past, men have fought and died for oil fields, and without a doubt they will again.

 If we invest in solar panels and mini wind turbines, how could an enemy deprive us of our “home-made energy?”

Mr R Tomlinson,


Many thanks

THE Sharratt family would like to thank everyone who came to Tom’s funeral, on October 26 at Sunderland Crematorium, and made donations instead of flowers to the neo natal unit at Sunderland Royal. A grand total of £565 was collected. God bless you all.

Jenny Sharratt and family,


Reunite friends

COULD any readers help me find some members of Monkwearmouth Comprehensive class of 79? I am looking for Penny Wood, Caroline Mosdell, Sandra Dunn, Andrew Dyos, the Bowman twins, Tommy Hall, Karen Ashton, David Howarth, Jill Stephenson and Michelle Lambing. Contact Kay Brewerton on 07745 704104.

Kay Bewerton,