Letters, Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Thanks for making feast a great event

PRESIDENT Geoff Pratt and members of the Rotary Club thank the people of Houghton for their continued magnificent support, despite early heavy rain, of the traditional ox-roasting at Houghton Feast.

 This event will again provide further funds for our own regular community service events for senior citizens, young people, schools and other worthy groups in the town and national and international causes.

 Thanks to the Mayor, Stuart Porthouse, former Houghton resident, for ceremonially cutting the first slices and giving them to the first person in the queue.

 Thanks also to members of Houghton Heritage Society for clearing and repainting the site.

 We are again indebted to our regular suppliers and sponsors, Piper’s Quality Butchers, Edinburgh Bakery, George Vardy Haulage, Hetton Scaffolding Company, Whitfield Chemists, Alex Scullion Electricals and the invaluable help of the city gas crew, Sunderland Live events administration staff and co-operation of the Showman’s Guild on the fairground and, not least, the voluntary hard work of our club members over the weekend which all combined to maintain this unique historic event.

 Long may it continue and we look forward to serving you all again on Monday, October 5, 2015.

Ron Young,

Ox-Roasting co-ordinator

Houghton-le-Spring Rotary Club

Sad over school

ONE of my schools was in the Echo on October 3.

 I first attended St Hilda’s RC Primary School when I was a small boy in 1950s, but I see that the school is going to be bulldozed to make room for new houses.

 The teachers that I can remember were Miss Brown, who always had her hair in a ponytail, and my other teacher was Mr Jack Blackburne. The headmaster then was Mr Diamond.

 For years, builders have been trying to make the school beautiful by extending the school yard, and pulling the walls and the canteen down, which I think spoilt the look of the building.

 I don’t know how many years the school has been like that.

 A bit of history is going to be no more.

 It’s always sad for me to see that the square where I was born is not there any more, and now the school will also be history.

 I will be sorry to watch my old school being pulled down.

Edwin Robinson,


Use it or lose it

I WOULD like to appeal to the people of South Hylton.

 I have lived in the area all my life, apart from the two years that I was on National Service. I am now well into my 70s and I am very sad to see that the lovely church, St Mary’s, is only getting a regular attendance of around six or seven worshippers.

 I am writing this letter in the hope it might prompt some new and old Hyltonians to start attending on a regular basis.

 I know you would be made very welcome.

 Please use the church or we might end up losing it.

A Talbot,

South Hylton