Letters Saturday, November 9, 2013

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Don’t wait for a referendum on EU

THERE is a lot for us to worry about. The EU, Angela Merkel etc, have made no secret of the fact that they want a United Federal State of Europe.

 They know they need to reduce the power of the UK. The easiest way for them is to cause over-crowding to bankrupt this small island and that is by massive immigration.

 How amazing that the Government announced the improvement of our economy and lower unemployment figures before January, when 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians will have the right to come here.

 They dare not state the expected number of immigrants who will come here. However, Immigration Watch has done the job for them – citing 50,000 a year for the next five years.

 For a start, the UK should be able to tell the EU we are overcrowded now and do not have jobs, housing, health service or schooling for any more people, and that we should be exempted from this EU law.

 Then we should have a referendum now on being in/out of the EU. To wait until 2017 is ridiculous, the amount of EU people here would automatically vote to stay in. Is that what the Government wants? Are we frightened to leave the EU because of the punishment they will certainly try to inflict on us?

 The biggest worry of UK people is the EU and immigration. Are we just going to lie back and think of England?

Marjorie Matthews,


The people should come before castle

AS usual, in my continuing quest to find out what’s happening in the council, I’ve been looking at the documents they publish online, hoping against hope to find some modicum of common sense in there somewhere. Alas, I fear it is a quest doomed to failure.

 For instance, not only are we to be given the much discussed town plaza and Seaburn “improvements”, but our leaders now plan to spend £3.5million, on “restoring Hylton Castle to its former glory”!

 The city will be expected to contribute £1.5 million and the rest will come from Heritage Lottery and voluntary contributions. The first design phase alone will cost £327,000.

 People will be glad to know this Cabinet’s priorities in time of austerity, because in the same council meeting, they were discussing how to get value for money out of providing overnight care for the sick and disabled, a service used frequently by a relative of mine, and proposed a “mini-competition” to find a suitable service provider.

 I suppose it provides a little bit of excitement in the quest to get more for less.

 In all honesty, I can’t imagine anyone would mind leaving the mouldy old castle for a few more years before they restore it, if it means helping some of our more vulnerable citizens. But when did this council ever get their priorities right?

Meg Crosby,

East Herrington

Plea for photos from Australia

I AM seeking any members of the Stoker family who resided at Old Station House, Sunderland, in the 1950s. I had the pleasure of staying with them during my travels throughout the UK.

 I lost a lot of photos during the Australian bush fires and am hopeful they may still have some photos of my visit.

 You can email rbates4@bigpond.com or write to Robert Bates, 2/26 Arcadia Ave, The Basin, 3154, Australia. Thank you

Robert Bates,

via email

Put us on the telly

WHEN are we, as the biggest city in the North East, going to get our own television station?

 We are a more independent place than Newcastle or Middlesborough and I think, realistically, we would benefit from it through jobs and investment.

Edward Williamson Mustard,

via email

A huge thank you

I WISH to thank my family for arranging a surprise trip to the Isle of Wight for my 80th birthday and 59th wedding anniversary, and also for arranging a visit from my niece who lives in Portsmouth.

 My husband and I had a marvellous time. It was a wonderful surprise, a huge thank you to you all.

Mrs T Elliott,