Letters, Saturday, November 3, 2012

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TV bosses should be ashamed

I AM totally bemused by the goings-on at the BBC.

 Three hundred people have now come forward to say that they were abused by Jimmy Savile.

 I watched the Panorama programme on at 12.30am (on late, I suspect, in the hope by the BBC that no one would watch it).

 Why didn’t the BBC act in the 1960s when people first mentioned that they suspected that one of their so-called stars was abusing teenagers?

 I believe it was because he was untouchable and the BBC were grooming him for higher things, such as Jim’ll Fix It and Saviles’ Travels.

 If I could I would cancel my TV license but the BBC has the monopoly on TV licenses.

 The BBC management should hang their heads in shame.

Scott Andrews,


Ridiculous location

Monday, March 24, The Princess Royal opened the Northside bridge in Workington.

 Letters page readers will know, that it was at a cost of £11.2million – taxpayers in Workington have had a new bridge at a reasonable cost, compared to the ridiculous iconic bridge that was approved by the Minister of State for the Department of Transport (DfT) Sir Patrick McLouglin on October 25.

 The consequences of the ridiculous location, arbitrarily chosen by our city councillors for Sunderland’s new bridge (whatsoever form the absurd structure takes), is that it requires the east to west link road named as the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor. (SSTC)

 Unfortunately, the greatest risk to the Vaux site is that the SSTC disconnects the Vaux site from the city centre shops and businesses –but not only the Vaux site but also the lack of connectivity applies to Galley’s Gill and any development in the Farringdon Row area.

 The worst aspect of the SSTC is that it also blights a much-needed new Wear bridge from the Vaux site to the SoL area to relieve the congestion on the 89-year-old Wearmouth bridge.

 What our councillors (both parties) choose to ignore is that for the past 12 years, and with the demise of Vaux breweries, is the fact that an amended Blue route option from Durham Road via St Michael’s Way to the Newcastle Road area already exists.

 Therefore, I admire the common sense disagreements of the Sunderland City Centre Traders’ Association (Echo, October 27) with the city planners.

 The simple solution to the lack of “connectivity” is to scrap the SSTC and then to build a direct road from St Mary’s Way car park, along the north side of the Vaux site to the Metro railway underpass, which was specifically made to accommodate an affordable new bridge at the Green route (Claxheugh) option.

 I share Bryan Foster’s judgement on our city councillors and planning officers

Ron McQuillan

You must be joking

The preview in The Echo welcomed not one but two comedy legends to the Durham gala.

 Great, I thought, as I like a laugh as much as anyone. It was when I read the preview I thought I must complain.

 Jethro and Lenny Henry comedy legends? That sentence is funnier than their combined routines. And I have had the misfortune of catching their respective acts.

 They should be prosecuted under the trade descriptions act.

 The world’s funniest Cornishman, Jethro, is labelled. It must be a right barrel of laughs down there.

 And Lenny, he burst on our screens on New Faces as a 17-year-old comedian.

 If anybody like me witnessed his routine then save your £25 because you will be watching it again.

 To be fair to Lenny, The Echo labelled him writer/comedian/ actor and presenter and missed out singer, the only thing he is half decent at.

Ged Taylor


Keep support local

Re: Service Is A Load Of Old Cobblers

HAVING read this letter on October 15, I was quite angry.

 Having used the same cobbler in Hylton Road, Sunderland, called Save On Shoes, for over 30 years, I’m absolutely appalled by the way this reader was treated.

 The chap who owns and runs this business will go out of his way to help the customer. No job is too small. He does shoe repairs, key cutting, engraving, repairing belts etc. He also sells a wide range of shoes, slippers, boots and also does tap dancing shoes.

 His prices are extremely cheap, he is very polite, friendly and helpful.

 I would suggest to the writer of that letter, to call in and pay a visit. It’s only a short distance from Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 They won’t be disappointed.

 I am all for supporting the small business and Save On Shoes will have my support forever more.

 Don’t allow this arrogant, ignorant human being to put you off the independent retailer.

 They need all your support.

Mrs K Leech,


Such bad manners

I AM still waiting for a response from The Royal British Legion Club, 6 Grange Crescent, Sunderland, for a donation of £400 given to them in memory of our beloved mam, Robertina (Bobbie) King, who died November 16, 2011.

 Our lovely mam (and dad) served in the 1939-45 war and both lost members of their families fighting for their country.

 I did contact Royal British Legion in April and was told a thank you letter would arrive shortly.

 It is with great disappointment no such thank you ever arrived.

Yvonne Sanderson,

Vicarage Close,