Letters, Saturday, November 23, 2013

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Help improve care for stroke victims

IN the North East, more than 16,210 people are living with the devastating effects of stroke.

 Yet, many of these strokes could have been prevented if the warning signs of a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA – also known as a mini-stroke) had been spotted.

 A TIA is similar to a stroke, but the symptoms do not last as long. We want more people to recognise that, like a stroke, TIA is a medical emergency.

 The Stroke Association ran a survey for people affected by TIA. We have had a huge response, and due to demand we are extending the survey’s deadline.

 Anyone affected by a TIA, including stroke survivors and their families, is welcome to take part in the survey and help us make recommendations for improving care and support.

 If you have had a TIA or know someone who has, please complete our survey before December 31. You will find it at www.stroke.org.uk/tiasurvey.

Peter Moore,

Regional Head of Operations for the North East of England Stroke Association

Never forgotten

THIS week we remember the assassination of the American President John F Kennedy – 50 years since one of earth’s many shameful episodes.

 I wonder how many people remember where they were on that fateful day?

 I, for one, was doing my part for Queen and country, in a little town called Celle, near Hanover, Germany. Near to this town was an American base.

 In Celle itself, there was an army and military cinema, which was visited by many military in the area.

 On that particular day, I and a couple of pals visited the cinema. While watching a film, everything went dark. When the screen was re-lit, it showed a sign: “All American personnel to report to base immediately.”

 Three quarters of the cinema customers stood up and left. It left the place feeling eerie.

 For the remainder the film continued, for a bewildered crowd. On leaving the cinema, the news was out about the assassination.

 Our first thought was the Russians, fearing a Third World War.

 Being rational soldiers, we indulged in a night on the town as it may be our last. We all got drunk – luckily no war came about.

 I prepared for army discharge on the day of Elvis Presley’s death – the radio played all his records.

 I woke for another day’s work in a workingmen’s club to hear of the death of Diana.

 Watching television as the Twin Towers were struck, thinking it a film I did not know about.

 Some things just stick in a person’s mind.

Mr J A Stott,


Shocking news

IN the summer of 1963, a lovely lady called Vera Jopling and I won the mixed doubles tennis championship of the Wearmouth Tennis Club, which held a social evening in the Washington (Co Durham) Miners’ Welfare Hall on November 22, 1963.

 Before the chairman of the tennis club presented us with our cup and half a dozen lager glasses, he announced to the aghast tennis players that President Kennedy had been shot.

Bob Milner

Let the MPs suffer

OUR land is overcrowded with immigrants. We are going to end up like a Third World country.

 People can’t get into hospitals, nowhere for rubbish, no jobs. We are not going to keep warm, yet murderers are kept warm and well fed.

 We have people with well paid jobs but not content with that, they want a bonus, and so-called educated people who run the country are conmen.

 I say turn off the heat in the House of Commons and House of Lords and see how they like it.

J Watson

Have say on roads

FULWELL ward councillors are asking residents to tell them about streets (roads and pavements) in the ward that they feel should be considered for inclusion in next year’s programme of repairs.

 We would appreciate a reply before Wednesday, December 11, as the deadline for information being forwarded to officers, whose task it will be to draw up the programme, is two days later.

 Our contact details are: Bob Francis: cllr.bob.francis@sunderland.gov.uk, tel. 528 7608; George Howe: cllr.george.howe@sunderland.gov.uk, tel. 514 3648; John Wiper: cllr.john.wiper@sunderland.gov.uk, tel. 07833481778.

Coun Bob Francis