Letters, Saturday, May 4, 2013

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City has one of the safest stations

THE report in the Echo this week on the local Metro line claimed there were “four crimes a week” at Sunderland station, adding up to 80 throughout 2012.

 In fact, that is much less than two reported crimes every week at a major city centre station used by two-and-a-half million people a year which plays regular host to football crowds as well as people coming to and from bars, takeaways and major pop concerts.

 More than half the offences recorded by British Transport Police were around drunkenness, trespass, ticket fraud and other less serious crimes, while the figures will also include offences on board Northern, Grand Central and Metro trains recorded at Sunderland as the destination.

 It’s a similar picture at other Sunderland stations. We invest hundreds of thousands of pounds every year in police for Metro in Sunderland and we are pleased to see this has driven down crime.

 Sunderland should be proud it has one of the safest city centre stations in the UK.

Huw Lewis

Head of Communications


Still willing to work

LATE last year, the Echo was good enough to print a letter from myself, which was, basically, a plea for someone to possibly consider me for employment.

 Having been made redundant towards the end of 2011, approaching 62 years of age, and wanting to work, I was anxious to prove that I was not on the proverbial scrap heap.

 Sadly, nothing really resulted from this, and therefore, I would again like to appeal to any potential employer who may be on the lookout for a fit, active 62-year-old with a full, clean, driving licence, and immediate availability, to give my case some consideration.

 Although I would consider any reasonable offer, my working life has been, predominantly, associated with the construction industry, including technical and specification sales, lecturing and architectural experience, as well as professional driving connected with various roles.

 I feel I still have a lot to offer, and sincerely hope someone out there thinks so too.

 I can be reached by email at anthonyscottNE@mail.com, or ring 07787 930349.

Anthony Scott,

Primrose Crescent,


Not paying anymore

OUT and about, I witnessed the BBC TV Licensing van patrolling the streets.

 I went home and straight away I wrote a letter cancelling my BBC TV Licence stating, I don’t need or want it, as I don’t watch the BBC, and the service you provide I am not happy with.

 The lies about terrorists, not to mention of the innocent so-called terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay on hunger strike, the weather cold, rain, windy and milky (do any readers know what milky is?), and don’t even mention Savile and others and the mass child abuse etc.

 I informed them I watch Freeview.

 I’ve had no response, so does this mean we don’t need to have a BBC TV Licence?

 Suppose, I’ll have to wait for my name to appear in my favourite newspaper – the Sunderland Echo.

Mr Rebel

Fall on the ice

ON Wednesday, January 16, this year I fell on the ice in the Co-op car park in Houghton.

 Would the couple who picked me up and ran me to the doctors please get in touch with me on 0191 385 8538.

David Hutchinson,